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September 9, 2011

Nova-spes “Pripyat – Home of Lilith” Out Today! – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Ein Tag im April” * “Welcome to Pripyat” * “Here We Are” * “Disappointed” * “1986” * “Wir wollen jetzt” * “2011” * “Sehnsucht” * “We Cannot…” * “Die Farbe der Saison” * “Todeszeit” * “Everybody” * “Unser Werk” * “Evakuierung

About Nova-spes

Nova-spes is a synthiepop/futurepop/EBM group founded in 1999 in Germany. The band includes Matthias Huebner (music, words, vocals), Steffen Poehler (keys), and Peter Walter (keys). With a new release almost every year since their foundation, Nova-spes come back in 2011 with a new album entitled “pripyat – home of lilith with Dance Macabre. The album is mastered by Das Ich’s Bruno Kramm and released today, on September 09.

Read the review and see the photos by Viva Music from Nova-spes’s date last week at NCN Festival in Deutzen bei Leipzig here.

Nova-spes – “pripyat – home of lilith”: Viva Music album review:

While we have not listened to earlier material from Nova-spes, the material they worked together with Bruno Kramm can be described in two words: intense, and invasive. The heavy intro with Russian alert messages “Ein Tag im April” is a good appetizer for what follows. The historically credible message in Russian alerting the population of today ghost town Pripyat from Kiev Oblast, from the vicinity of Chernobyl reads as follows: (more…)

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