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June 14, 2011

Felix Marc – “Parallel Worlds” – Viva Music Album Review

Repair” * “Moscow Paris” * “Collector” * “Opposite Sides” * “Life Is Porn” * “Fields of Grey” * “The Muse” * “Modern Talking” * “The Garden of Light” * “Ghost” * “Mystify” * “Parallel World


The charismatic 35 year old Felix Marc started making music since 1994; evolving musically as both a member of DIORAMA with his friend Torben Wendt, and FROZEN PLASMA with Vasi Vallis, whom he met after a VNV NATION concert. Actively involved in both acts, he also pursues his solo career; with a beautiful first album entitled “Pathwaysout in 2008, he now returns with a very melodic and respectable album, “Parallel Worlds”, out June-10 with Infracted Records.

FELIX MARC – “Parallel Worlds” – VIVA MUSIC Album Review:

Parallel Worlds” is a very musically complex album, and unlike albums that strive to be utterly creative music-wise, “Parallel Worlds” is very amenable, easy to listen and really enticing. With a very superior sound, the album, made up of 12 tracks, is definitely worth your time and attention.

FELIX MARC ranges among his influences diverse cultural personalities such as CAMOUFLAGE and FALCO, CASPER DAVID FRIEDRICH and W.B. YEATS. Add to that that he “collects ideas while traveling or spending time abroad”, and you get the idea of his creative processes. Not only he creates music on a constant basis, but he also finds the creative inspiration to cover masterpieces of the past, such as INXS’s “Mystify”.

Repair”, the first track of the album, is a very practical, hands-on beginning for the album: an atmosphere-ridden track, it is energetic and depicts beautifully the notion of renewal through a love without pain that is meant to overcome disasters. “Moscow Paris”, with a name redolent of an air flight, is a very electro anthem, about a mind going berserk while being haunted by depressions and the song is in itself very illustrative of that feeling. “Collector” follows, with a very rational and suave tempo, and then it is time for “Opposite Sides”, a VIVA MUSIC favorite from the album; a hopeful but melancholic piece about separation.

Pedro Almodovar said via his literary character Patty Diphusa that “life imitates porn”. FELIX MARC goes a step further stating unequivocally that “Life Is Porn”. With a Tourette-heavy beginning, the song softens up musically, and what it does is to play upon self-irony. The time is ripe for “Fields of Grey”, another wonderful and very melodic track, with a duo of voices that join in a common search for answers to questions and prayers.

The Muse” is a very club-friendly track and its depiction of a battle of angels of inspiration that are meant to reduce creative challenges is an overcoming of creative challenges in itself. After a prompt and alert “Modern Talking”, the next track, “The Garden of Light” electrifies with its very inviting and intimate nature. A very rich song, both in texture and imagery, “The Garden of Light” makes room for “Ghost”, a very powerful song about the ghost of memory.

The album would not have been so complete or replenishing without the addition of two new tracks. One of them, the afore-mentioned cover for INXS’s “Mystify” was thought by FELIX MARC after hearing it on car radio and wanting to capture what seemed to him a perfect moment, he created the perfect cover. Last but not least, his “Parallel World” strikes as a very majestic, opportune and contemporary track about thought-up worlds and thought-up dreams, both with questions, suspicions and inaccuracies that make life a dream that we can choose to either live or dream up.

Parallel Worlds” is a superb album, and we hope to hear a lot of positive feedback about it; since it deserves it fully. It is a vibrant, healthy album one needs to listen to in order to grasp the quality of FELIX MARC’s work. If you are a fan of DIORAMA and FROZEN PLASMA, you should not neglect to look into this creative side of FELIX MARC; and all your expectations will be rewarded.

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