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December 19, 2011

Moon.74 “Newborn”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Gun” * “The Day You Disappear” * “It’s Hurting Me” * “Strange Convention” * “We Are” * “Into My Arms” * “Dirty Mind” * “Oblivion” * “Stalking Horse” * “Moonlanding” * “Breath” * “Newborn” * “Lost

Released in October 2010 with Echozone, the debut album from electronic/EBM act Moon.74 is a recent and very pleasant discovery with Viva Music. Although released last year, we thought about sharing some impressions on the album prior to this Friday’s video release (Dec-23) – the first video by Moon.74, with music written by Dominic Hein and remixed by Rico Huellermeier.

 “Newborn” is a great find, and we thought the sharing spirit of the coming holidays is the best opportunity to share to Moon.74 fans and Moon.74-curious fans Viva Music’s review. In general terms, everything is superlative, but taking a track-by-track approach might open your appetite for Moon.74’s music, since we believe that the feel good continuum of the album deserves all the attention one can get. The opening track, “Gun”, with its alert and alluring beat made us think of Chekov’s gun, the one he said about, “one must not put a loaded gun on the stage if no one is thinking of firing it”. Gunfires will ensure, this is for sure, but their delicate intricacy might be less evident on a first listen. The glorious music of “Gun”, reverently paying tribute to all the music we like, ranging from Depeche Mode to Apoptygma Berzerk, musicians Moon.74’s Dominic Hein counts among his influences, just like the other tracks compiled on the debut album is pretty long, which might be regarded as a shortcoming in the case of some albums, but with “Newborn” it actually is a blessing. More joy to the world! “The Day You Disappear” mellows out on a similar note, but instead of creating premature plateau, takes up the good feel set by the previous track and makes it deeper and less conjectural. “It’s Hurting Me” as well as “Strange Convention” are ampler in scope, and their electronic efficiency is simply startling. With refined emotion and particularly striking openness, both songs speak up about sentiment in a manner which is intimate and general at the same time, and that makes them great above average. “We Are”, a Viva Music favorite soars in dark undertones and carries a very positive vibe, while also being a quite entertaining dancefloor choice. “Into My Arms” takes up with the same musical benevolence an intense emotional experience and creates unsuspected harmony. “Dirty Mind” shifts a little the composure of previous tracks toward a sexier sound and interest, and with its very teasing core it has a persistent aftertaste. Another memorable track, “Oblivion” exploits the same dark streak featured in “Dirty Mind” and does not seem to settle for a definition, with its very charming sound it reaches out a wider audience than the previous tracks. And after a gemstone such as “Stalking Horse”, the time is ripe for “Moonlanding”, an excruciatingly beautiful track with a very atmospheric and historical tinge of a beginning and relevant musicality. Rougher in both intent and musical rendition, it is followed by the milder “Breath”, only to commit seriously to the same realm of music with the onset of “Newborn”. On listening to the track, all mystery around why it was chosen for the title of the album as well is dismissed; it is a great addition to the album layout and a magnificent soundtrack for our contemporary lives. The ending title, “Lost” is, a very prolific piece of music, that adds to the emotions captured by the album a whole script of beauty and resilience. (more…)

December 5, 2011

Lahannya – “Dystopia”: Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “Dystopia” * “Out of Time” * “Save Me” * “Not Innocent” * “Cocoon” * “Never Enough” * “What Kind of World” * “Beautiful Wasteland” * “Scavenger” * “The Stand” * “Only Time Will Tell” * “Army of Freaks

Lahannya – “Dystopia”: Viva Music Album Review:

The third album from Lahannya with Kabuki Records, “Dystopia” (out October 2011) the best of industrial and gothic, as well as tinges of rock and metal converge in order to provide a very neat musical experience. Though not easy to put in a single category, the album strikes as unitary and universal, and shows in the intricacies of its latticework great creative and production effort. From the very fulminating beginning of the track that gives the name of the album, namely “Dystopia”, the anthem value of the song is enhanced and becomes a manifesto for a world that builds up from the remains of the world as we know it, which shifts away, like a drowning continent, from our realm of perceptions.

Unbeknownst to us, the world that puts brick over brick of solid sound in “Dystopia” loses the concept of time in “Out of Time”. Deprived of unneeded artifice and ornament, the track evolves in a free world of untarnished sounds and proliferates in a manner that is at the same time pleasing and appeasing. With equal eloquence, “Save Me” takes the floor before the more personal, and truly hitting a bulls’-eye “Not Innocent” invades all our senses. It’s lucky that “Cocoon” is next – that is a song that serves as a good album appetizer if you aren’t convinced yet you should listen to the album. With extra zest and definiteness the advance of “Never Enough” takes us up with superb sound and a well-wrought complex of feelings, the kind of which lingers ambiguously in “What Kind of World”, another great – instrumental as well as vocal – exercise.

Beautiful Wasteland”, a Viva Music favorite, is a great addition to the playlist of the album. With a myriad of senses and emotions, the song is a very empathetic interface for very contemporary and fathomable feelings. “Scavenger” as well as “The Sound” promote the same feeling, and make it sure the listener knows by now that what s/he has listened to before in the album is not a fortunate coincidence, but instead, a programmed, sustained effort that yields a lot of results. Impactful, it’s time for “Only Time Will Tell” to create a special bond with the listener, and to conclude such a listenable and captivating album, “Army of Freaks” becomes memorable from the first listen, and makes sure it is the kind of palatable musical effort we’d like to see pouring in each and every production.

Dystopia” is a new world. Possible, uncreated and at the same time accomplished, with a mutability of forces and emotions you will certainly relate to. Enjoy!

LahannyaOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

October 31, 2011

Torul “Partially Untamed”: Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “In Whole (Original Mix)” * “Show Me Your City” * “In Whole (Noir Frais Remix)” * “In Whole (Tenek Remix)” * “In Whole (Bacteria Remix)” * “In Whole (Qualiass Stomp Remix)

About Torul:

With their first single “Try“, Torul managed to launch a first club hit in our scene! The former Low Spirit artist delivers a fine mix of synthpop, electronic sounds and techno influences to create an own musical sound! Often compared to acts such as Sono, Mesh or Iris, the band stands for a unique modern pop sound. “Partially Untamed” is the second outtake of their forthcoming album “In Whole” which will be released early December 2011! This double A-side single is limited to 500 physical units and features the massive tunes “In Whole” + “Show me your city“, as well as various remixes in different musical styles! A true must have for all fans of good electronic pop music! Listen and enjoy! (source: press release)

TorulPartially Untamed”: Viva Music Album Review:

Out at Infacted Records this month, Torul’s newest single, an insolent peek into what their next album, “In Whole”, expected for December this year is going to be, shows alongside the album title track the new song “Show Me Your City” and what’s more, great remixes of the core track, including one by Tenek! Torul sounds resplendent and carefree, and is proposing an intriguing musical experience with “In Whole”, one that builds up with each sound and creates a safe haven of harmonies and emotions, a pretty good hiding place if you’re looking for shelter. The refined instrumental course of the track shapes up against a great vocal experience, and the production of the track shows that it is indeed a title worthy of giving its name to an album. Of equal interest are the reworks of the track included in the single release, as well as the new track. The remixes are all topnotch and you cannot actually single out one that catches the attention more than the rest, because they are all intent on keeping the track’s efficient use of melody and transpose it in different musical surroundings, embellishing it as if showing it around in a museum of mirrors, which instead of distorting the song’s reality, put it in different perspectives, and are all pulling out quintessential elements from Torul’s track.

TorulOfficial Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

October 28, 2011

Sin D.N.A. – “Afterlife” Out Today Oct-28! Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Afterlife” * “Now It’s Dark” * “Afterlife (F*** You Pay Me Mix)” * “No God” * “Wasted Passion” * “Plague Wielder” * “Afterlife (Sin Piedad Remix by Dulce Liquido)” * “Now It’s Dark (Soman Remix)” * “Wasted Passion (Reaxion Guerrilla Remix)” * “No God (Dym Remix)” * “All Life Has Faded

Sin D.N.A. – “Afterlife“: Viva Music Album Review:

Sin D.N.A. (Mario Carrasco, Sergio Ramirez) release their “Afterlife” today, Oct-28 on Deathwatch Asia and it is one of the most expected albums of the season. The Texas duo (Mario Carrasco and Sergio Ramirez) met in 1996 and collaborated on various projects, but it was not until 2004 that they actually started working on the concept and music of Sin D.N.A.. Their new album, comprising six original pieces and five fascinating remixes by Dulce Liquido, Reaxion Guerrilla, Dym and Soman, is an outstanding example of dark electro, truly creative and inspiring, with a correct outlook on life and music. (more…)

October 27, 2011

Absent One “Places”: Viva Music Album Review

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I brought myself to town late at night. I cadged a cigarette off a tramp and took a seat on the railings till all that noise and fuss at the station made me want to lurk somewhere in the dark. I was roaming a couple of hours before I managed to find a decent bar which offered booze I could afford to get up to the moment. Down in the cellar among fools and drunkards, trapped between stench of cheap liqueurs and acrid smoke I saw a nice chick who dragged me out in the streets. We hung out for a while and later on made out near a deserted car park on junk. We had a really good time. I lost her somewhere around downtown, crawling there, followed by a police car. Nothing can bring me down. I like this music. I call myself a City Hound. They call me Absent One.”

Tracklist: Splendour Station” * “Night and the City” * “Go Places” * “Hollywood” * “Car Park” * “Wonder Boy” * “Colors” * “Other Side” * “Downtown” * “Dark Corners” | Music by: Alexander Chromov and Nikita Brusov. Words by: Alexander Chromov. Recorded at Absent One studio Moscow in 2010-2011. Vocals by: Alexander Chromov. Sexy vocals by: Elena Fomenko. Arranged by: Nikita Brusov and Alexander Chromov. Mixed by: Nikita Busov. Mastered by: Pavel Zolin (Purple Fog Side).

About Absent One:

Famous Moscow-based, garage-synth duo Absent One came to be in 2009, when friends Nick and Alex decided to get their act together. Public performances, including one at the first Russian goth festival “Dark Entries” followed, as well as their debut “Blowback”. Favorably received by critics, the album uses a wide array of sounds, which are highlighted more prominently on their “Places” album, out with Ionium Records. With new backing vocals from Helen, the album gains in enthusiasm and charisma, and the experience they provide is not without a very personal touch, and twist.

Absent One – Places”: Viva Music Album Review:

Urban artifacts always carry on a decent amount of familiarity, even when they speak about the most squalid aspects of our city life. If this feeling of familiarity is retained in Absent One’s “Places”, it has nothing worrying or demoralizing about it; it’s sheer fun for the sake of fun, inspired by an urban surrounding and covering the blaring sounds of the city with new harmonies, and new unlimited scripts. (more…)

October 24, 2011

Felix Marc – “The Muse”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “The Muse (Video Edit)” * “The Muse (Club Version)” * “The Muse (Vasi Vallis Rmx)” * “The Muse (Torul Rmx)” * “The Muse (Sushiboy Rmx)” * “The Muse (Syrian Rmx)” “Fallen Stars” * “The Muse (Video)” * “The Muse (Video – Making Of)

Other Felix Marc news on darkwave.ro: Felix Marc, “Parallel Worlds” – Viva Music Album Review

Released on Sep-30, just months away from the release of Felix Marc’s second album, “Parallel World”, the single “The Muse” offers a great variety of reworked material starting form one of the pivotal tracks from the album. Included are video and club versions, but also remixes from Vasi Vallis, Torul, Syrian and Sushiboy. The fan edition features a video section in HD quality, including not only the video directed by Klangstabil’s Boris May, but also a making of the video. Making it a collector’s item, a bonus track is provided on the single as well, we are talking about “Fallen Stars”, a very imaginative and musically pertinent movement from Felix Marc, ending the single tracklist in grand style. (more…)

October 21, 2011

Principe Valiente – “Principe Valiente” Out Today Oct-21: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Intro” * “Before You Knew Me” * “One More Time” * “In My Arms” * “New Life” * “Solitary Man” * “Stay” * “Afraid” * “150 Years” * “The Night” * “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

About Principe Valiente:

Principe Valiente are: Fernando Honorato (vocals, electronic bass, keyboards and piano); Alexander Lehto (guitars); Joakim Janthe (drums).

Principe Valiente‘s debut album finds the band fulfilling the promises of their achievements to date. The Stockholm-based band has in a short time gained a reputation for their live shows and are the subject of an increasing interest in their material in clubs and social networks on the internet. Their sound may partly be the result of a variety of elements inspired by the minimalism of certain post punk acts and the lushness of shoegaze, but is primarily characterized by an ambition to break new sonic ground.

This combination of innovative and inspired material makes for an invigorating listen as it is difficult to pinpoint in regard to genre. As a result, their music has frequently been labeled “dark pop”, a description that sums up the sonic qualities reminiscent of bands as diverse as The Sisters of Mercy, The Sound, Interpol and Suede. The music video for the newly released “The Night” has been rotating on German television (topped the Pop10 video chart week 47 & 49) and the band’s eponymous 2007 EP has been played on the radio and by DJs around Europe. The EP has also received good reviews on the other side of the pond. As the album has been greatly anticipated, the material has been meticulously scrutinized for the full length effort, work that has resulted in a conceptually and sonically consistent album throughout. Songs like “One More Time” and “New Life” are hypnotic, energetic and powerful and even though the songs work very well in their own right the record is structured enough to create a rewarding album context for the songs as well. (source: band site)

Principe Valiente Principe Valiente”: Viva Music Album Review:

Out on Oct-21 with afmusic, Principe Valiente’s album is a great listen, gently moving across musical genres, and unraveling a great deal of emotions within the space granted by the album tracks. Self-titled, “Principe Valiente” may act at the same time as a band manifesto, bringing into the foreground a hermetic, but nevertheless welcoming atmosphere. Sizably empathetic and well-wrought into a continuous sequence of sounds that seem at the same time intimate and outgoing, the album also has to do with the two concepts in the band name: the nobility of lineage, and the valiance of warriors. (more…)

October 20, 2011

KMFDM “A Drug Against Wall Street” Digital Download + Poster

Download KMFDM‘s “A Drug Against Wall Street” music here. Download poster art here. Read Viva Music’s review of KMFDM‘s latest “WTF?!here.

Occupy Wall Street“, regardless of its outcome, will change forever the way we look at peaceful protests around the world. In the aftermath of a financial meltdown with stern measures and with a constant haggling of democracy/kleptocracy, artists around the world showed their support of the movement and the protesters. One fo them is none other than KMFDM, who offer as a digital download on their site a rework of their 1993 hit “A Drug Against War“, now titled “A Drug Against Wall Street“, offering new hues and new power of engagement to their original song, which already had a fame of its own. A 1994 “Beavis and Butthead” feature on MTV, and a song with critical acclaim, the song released in 1993 and reissued in 2009 can now be downloaded from the homepage of KMFDM, together with a poster that ascertains the band’s support of the social protest of recent weeks.

KMFDM – Official Website | on Facebook | Discography on Discogs

October 19, 2011

Brazda lui Novac – “Dizzy” – Out Tomorrow + Release Party: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: EDM” * “Red Pill” * “Algo” * “Sat” * “Blue” * “Move” * “Speed” * “Beatz” * “Machine” * “Shift” * “ASMPS” * “Outro” * “Subheim – Streets (Brazda lui Novac Remix)

RSVP to the release event of Brazda lui NovacDizzy” album here.

Brazda lui Novac – “Dizzy” – Viva Music Album Review:

To be released on Oct-20 in a special event organized in Silver Church Club, Brazda lui Novac’s second album, entitled “Dizzy” will include 12 Brazda lui Novac compositions, as well as one remix for Subheim’s “Streets”. Both Brazda lui Novac and Subheim were on the same stage of Planet Myer Day 2011.

The album is a fully fledged electronic contraption that takes you over in successive, persuasive bits, with an already recognizable Brazda lui Novac trademark sound which envelops you from the very first seconds and keeps you up with very determined beats. Abstract to a certain extent, but without becoming cryptic or undanceable, the music proposed by “Dizzy” is a cavalcade of sounds that truly measures up to expectations. Already with a mood set in by “EDM” (short for ‘electronic dance music’ if you ask us), it rushes forth with very tidily constructed sound on “Red Pill” and “Algo”, with the notable difference that the latter tracks are in a certain way more aggressive, but in a good way. Overall, the feeling resists the tempest of new sound, and the more minimalist touches are covered in the at times droning, at other times soothing shell of sound that defines the tracks.

With “Sat”, the resolve of the album is there; and the game of ambivalence and subtle shifts of positive emotions is conducive of great atmosphere.  If you are ready to get more, then “Blue” is the track in line for you, and it is a great addition to the already superb rendition of the previous tracks. It goes the same about “Move” and “Speed”, and mention should be made of the fact that there is a certain distinguished choreography in the tracks, that transports you into the right kind of movie and instead of keeping you hanging in there, guides you from room to room to new experiences of new depths.  (more…)

October 12, 2011

Shiv-r “This World Erase” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Entree” * “Pharmaceutical Grade” * “God Is Art” * “Incision” * “Hollow Mask” * “This World Erase” * “Blind Mice” * “Deafening” * “This Fix” * “Stripped” * “Alpha Omega” * “Lingerie” * “Arise

About Shiv-r:

Shiv-r are: Virul3nt (Pete Crane), and Kong (Lee Bulig).

After hitting the scene with their innovative debut album “Hold My Hand” and the hard-hitting follow up EP “Incision“, Shiv-r are back in 2011 with “This World Erase“, a new full-length album to awaken the dark side lying dormant beneath our skin. No stranger to club hits, Shiv-r tread this ground stronger and heavier than ever with plenty of harsh club annihilators destined for the dancefloor. Haunting, neoclassical tendrils also encompass the brutal club sounds while a more evolved lyrical and vocal approach attacks themes such as nihilism, the romantic rendering of abuse and above all waging a war on apathy. From the grindingly slow vampiric dirge of “This Fix“, to the psy-infused energetic explosion of “Alpha Omega” and the overly emotive title track, “This World Erase” is a varied and evolved follow-up album that further establishes Shiv-r‘s gossamer stranglehold and strives to make us feel alive in a dying, apathetic world. (source: press release)

Read about Shiv-r’s performance at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 here| See the photo gallery for Shiv-r’s performance at Nocturnal Culture Night 2011 here

Shiv-r “This World Erase”: Viva Music Album Review:

Can a music album be an exercise in eloquence? After listening to Shiv-r’s “This World Erase”, released this week (and already a top seller with Metropolis Records and a point of pride for Infacted Records) and giving it a serious thought, the answer is definitely yes. The purity of the sound, the shrewdness, and, audacity of the lyrics, and their fortifying combination really bring on a special effect. Listening to this album is like listening to a good friend, who, no matter what the two of you are talking about, brings you reason and clarity. Nothing stands out in an obtrusive manner, and nothing provokes havoc. And all songs included in “This World Erase” are like pieces in a puzzle: they mix, they match, and fall in the right pattern before your eyes. (more…)

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