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April 19, 2012

Amphi Festival News: Second Theater Headliner, Conjure One, Ticket Info

Amphi Festival organizers are happy to announce the second headliner for the theater stage. Reading performance and concert ‘Henke Plays Goethes Erben’: on Saturday, Jul-21, Oswald Henke takes over Theater am Tanzbrunnen. First hitting the stage with his current reading performance “Die Zeit Formt“, he will make a second appearance later that day, playing one of the most definite concert highlights of the Amphi Festival 2012.

Amphi The Orkus Open Air 2012 Festival will take place between Jul-21-22 at Tanzbrunnen, Cologne.

 Amphi Festival 2012 program to date includes:

The Sisters of Mercy, And One, Eisbrecher, Blutengel, Project Pitchfork, Apoptygma Berzerk, Combichrist, Camouflage, Mono Inc., Corvux Corax, The Cruxshadows, DAF, Conjure One, Nachtmahr, 18 Summers, Coppelius, [:SITD:], Haujobb, Stahlzeit (Rammstein Tribute), Spetsnaz, Assemblage 23, Solar Fake, Henke, mind.in.a.box, Love Is Colder than Death, Spiritual Front, Seabound, Aesthetic Perfection, A Live Divided, [X]-RX, Tyske Ludder, Whispers in the Shadow, The Other, Eisenfunk, Lord of the Lost, Schoengeist, The Wars, Eklipse, Dr. Mark Benecke

Front Line Assembly cancels all shows this summer, therefore there will be no FLA show at Amphi. Here is the official band statement: “After much thought and considering we regret to inform our fans that we will be unable to perform at any summer shows we are currently booked for. After an extensive tranche of shows supporting our last record we have to decided to spend next year focusing on writing and delivering new albums; an instrumental of tracks that will be featured in the videogame AirMech from Carbon Games, a new full length LP, and possibly a new Noise Unit record. Our apologies to any promoters/fans this may affect in a negative manner, we look forward to releasing new material and playing shows further down the road. All the best, FLA

Conjure One/Rhys Fulber will perform a special live set at Amphi Festival. Rhys Fulber, known as long-time member and producer of many classic FLA tunes will perform a unique set, including Conjure One and Delirium tracks, as well as a selection of Front Line Assembly classics that have not been played live in recent years.

Original festival tickets can be booked in advance exclusively on the Amphi Ticketshop at www.amphi-festival.de/tickets. Festival tickets are further available online at www.protain-ticket.de and at all nationwide CTS/EVENTIM box offices. For further information please visit the festival site: www.amphi-festival.de and the official festival Facebook page: www.facebook.com/amphifestival.


June 22, 2011

Amphi Festival Sold Out. Again!

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Amphi Festival sold-out again! / Mandatory reservation of emergency box office tickets!

Due to a sensational demand the Amphi Festival is sold out weeks in advance, for the third time since 2008. All submitted orders will be shipped after payment. Above that, there are no more tickets for the Amphi Festival 2011 available in advance booking.

We kept back a small allotment of box-office tickets, to make sure nobody has to take the trip to Cologne in vain. We put up an online reservation form, through which you can place your mandatory reservation for box office tickets at http://www.amphi-festival.de/2011/kartenreservierung.html. Tickets are reserved for the increased box office price.

In relation to this please beware of black market dealers and faked tickets which will surely appear in the next couple of weeks. For visitors with faked tickets access to the festival ground will not be granted. (more…)

June 9, 2011

Complete Control Productions sign with Arzt+Pfusch

Mattias Anger, Label Manager/Complete Control Productions: “I’m happy to inform you that Complete Control Productions have signed the Danish duo Arzt+Pfusch. Since their last release S.I.C.K. in 2007, Dr. A-Funz has been re-joined by Der Doktor as lyricist and singer. They have spent the last two years working on their fourth album “Lictor Evaporated”, which will be released by CCP in late September. A single will be out during the summer. The album is described by Dr. A-Funz as: “Dark, bombastic, orchestral, 4×4 on the floor, long ambient breaks, very “bassline centered”, and very poppy choruses. I extend a warm welcome to Arzt+Pfusch on behalf of the entire label crew.

Arzt+Pfusch  Official Site | Arzt+Pfusch on Facebook | Complete Control Productions

June 3, 2011

Castle Party 21-24-July: The clock is ticking!

A word from the organizers: What to expect from the largest Middle- and Eastern European fest since 1994? “One big open-air stage in the main court yard of the Castle and two smaller stages in clubs – add to that a DJ club!” And the attractions? “Concerts, of course, belly dancers, fashion shows as well as pyrotechnics“.

21-24 July 2011 – Bolkow Castle, Poland

Thursday, 21-Jul: H.EXE (Poland); Lecter (Poland); Synchropath (Poland); Monstergod (Poland); DJ Maniac (Poland)

Friday, 22-Jul (15:00hrs – Castle): Hyoscyamus Niger (Poland); Castrati (France); Smialek (Poland); The Cuts (Poland); Santa Hates You (Germany); Fixmer/McCarthy (Germany); Closterkeller (Poland); Atari Teenage Riot (Germany) (22:00hrs – Catholic Church): Other Day (Germany); (19:00hrs – Hacjenda Club): Hieros Gamos (Slovakia); DJ Einar (Poland); DJ Cute (Poland); DJ Fallen (Poland); DJ Faust (Poland).

Saturday, 23-Jul (15:00hrs – Castle): Moonlight (Poland); Freakangel (Estonia); Hetane (Poland); Blindead (Poland); Nosferatu (Great Britain); Zeraphine (Germany); Umbra et Imago (Germany); Diary of Dreams (Germany); (22:00hrs – Hcjenda Club) DJ Ekd (Poland); DJ Maslo (Poland), DJ Serafin (Poland); DJ Rafaelo (Poland).

Sunday, 24-Jul (15:30hrs – Castle): Reactor7x (Poland); Bratrstvo Luny (Czech Republic); Controlled Collapse (Poland); Dope Stars Inc. (Italy); Diorama (Germany); Suicide Commando (Belgium); Project Pitchfork (Germany);  (22:00hrs – Hacjenda Club): DJ Gothzilla (Poland); DJ Maniek (Poland); DJ Octahedron (Poland); DJ Mirage (Czech Republic). (more…)

May 18, 2011

The 5th edition of Zita Rock Festival – News!

After the cancellation of the Blackfield Festival in Querfurt, we increased our 5 +1 group ticket quota for the Zita Rock Festival in Berlin! We want to offer all disappointed festival fans an attractive alternative, to still be able and come to enjoy a festival highlights in June!



With bands like Schandmaul, Eisbrecher, Apocalyptica, Project Pitchfork, Blutengel, and many others, the Zita Rock experience offers for its fifth edition of 2011 once again a high quality, diversified program of gothic, folk rock, metal and industrial rock. One of the highlights of the Zita Rock Festival is also the Citadel itself, which combines unique scenery and the historic ambient with the spirit of Zita Rock Festival. Down to earth, direct, honest and friendly Zita Rock Festival is the most beautiful open-air festivals of this summer: a perfect blend of thundering rock bursts and relaxed atmosphere! (more…)

May 3, 2011

Viva Music Site Facelift!


VIVA MUSIC has the pleasure of announcing the launch of the new www.vivamusic.ro. Click!

Since 2008, VIVA MUSIC is the sole promoter of EBM, electro, dark, gothic, industrial, synth and aggrotech music in Romania. Because we believe that music is deeply inspirational and brings out the best of all people who listen to it, we dedicate our work to the promotion of best practices in the Romanian music industry.  (more…)

April 12, 2011

Polarlicht 4.1 and Flint Glass join forces for common release on April-15!

These two well known projects in industrial oriented electronica  scene, Flint Glass and Polarlicht 4.1- Transistor join their efforts in  this 10 track collaboration concept album inspired by the famous novel  “La nuit des temps” by French author René Barjavel. It reveals a  balancing act between industrial-noise, experimental music and cinematic  dark electronica evoking imaginary places and an arctic, icy atmosphere.

Zoran’s Equation” is based mostly on track-sources from Polarlicht  4.1’s hypnotizing arranged soundscapes supplemented by Flint Glass‘s  rhythms constructions, dark atmospheres and background noises, arising  to a rarely heard combination.

Two artistic minds fused into one, creating a movie with sonic turbulence and heavy surging movement heaves restlessly, reminiscent in  places of the sound of one’s own muffled breathing heard under ice – the  sound of an uneasy sleeping landscape as dense waves of sound  reverberate in rhythmic complexity.

A concept album for anyone who has a liking for dark ambient music,  experimental electronica, noisy sounds and especially for those  listeners who appreciate both projects solo efforts.

Genre: Industrial/Dark Ambient

Release title: Flint Glass & Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor – “Zoran’s Equation

Release date: April 15th, 2011

01. Mange-Machine
02. Immortals
03. Which Does Not Exist, Exists
04. The Ice People
05. Gondwana
06. Isolation
07. Aurore Australe
08. Frozen Bodies
09. Lost Souls
10. Sleeping Beauty

Band members: Gwenn Trémorin, Ronny J.

Order: here

Label: Black Rain Rec. / Funkwelten

Band websites:

Kinetik Festival, May 19-23 in Montreal: News!

A non-profit organization founded by a partnership between KAO Production, EBEN Production & [i] Prod to promote the North American Electro-Industrial-Noize scene, Kinetik Productions is proud to bring you back after the success of the last editions, the Kinetik Festival from May 19 to 23 2011 in Montreal, Canada. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this unique experience with some of the best acts of the Electro-Industrial scene performing during those four days!


The kinetic energy (also called in the old writings live viva, or sharp force) is the energy which a body because of its movement has. The kinetic energy of a body is equal to work necessary to make pass says it body of the rest to its current rotation and translatory movement.

It is Guillaume d’ Ockham (1280-1349) who introduced, in 1323, the difference between what is called the dynamic movement (that we generate) and the kinetic movement (generated by interactions, of which collisions).*

* Definition supplements via wikipedia


April 1, 2011

The 5th edition of Zita Rock Festival – 2011 Lineup Now Complete!

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On June-18 & 19, Berlin’s Spandau Citadel will host the fifth edition of Zita Rock Festival. 12 acts make up for a very appealing lineup: APOCALYPTICA, SCHANDMAUL, PROJECT PITCHFORK, SAMSAS TRAUM, MONO INC., BLUTENGEL, ZERAPHINE, EISBRECHER, ZIN, QNTAL, TEUFEL, and END OF GREEN.

Heated weekend, right? Both Saturday and Sunday June-18 & 19, doors open at 13:00hrs and shows go on until late in the evening. Detailed information about the festival can be found on the official website of the festival, as well as on the festival’s Facebook page. Additional schedule info, as well as info regarding the after parties will be made available soon, so make sure to keep in touch with Zita Rock Festival!

Starting this year, Zita Rock Festival adds new interactivity to its social networking portfolio: a YouTube channel will start streaming material collected from previous editions. And this is not all, fan-made footage will be added on top of trailers and concert snippets: so make sure you send your Zita video memorabilia (or links thereof) to youtube@zita-rock.de and they will be added to the official YouTube channel of Zita Rock Festival.

Tickets are available in a wide range of one-day, all-day and group arrangements on the exclusive on-site shop, as well as on dark-ticket.de and via Eventim, open for both online and phone orders.


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