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July 22, 2011

Solar Fake – “Frontiers” – Out Today July-22 – Viva Music Review

I write about things that bother me or psych me out. These are usually negative impressions or experiences. I try to enjoy all the positive things happening to me and about all the rest I’m writing lyrics.” (Sven Friedrich, SOLAR FAKE)

Tracklist: “Under the Skies” * “Why Did I Raise the Fire” * “No Apologies” * “More than This” * “Parasites” * “Such a Shame” * “Where Are You” * “The Rising Doubt” * “Pain Goes by” * “Until I’m Back” * “The Line of Sight


The German electro act SOLAR FAKE, created by Sven Friedrich (of ZERAPHINE and DREADFUL SHADOWS fame) presents a really extraordinary work with their new album, “Frontiers”. Though three years have passed since the debut album “Broken Grid” was released, followers of Sven’s musical activities have pleasantly eased their waiting with the “Resigned” E.P. (2009), by SOLAR FAKE, and the album “Whiteout” (2010), by ZERAPHINE. Due to SOLAR FAKE supporting VNV Nation on their last tour and playing several festivals, they have attracted great attention, constantly increasing their number of fans, and not only amongst ZERAPHINE’s audience. What was indicated on “Broken Grid” and “Resigned” now finds a felicitous continuation in “Frontiers”: driving beats and danceable floor fillers melt with great melodies you can’t get out of your head once you hear them. Sven’s voice is multifaceted like never before, but still it’s the element connecting all eleven tracks to a whole complete work. (source)

Read about ZERAPHINE and DREADFUL SHADOWS performing at Amphi Festival 2011 here. | Order SOLAR FAKE’s new album “Frontiershere.

SOLAR FAKE, “Frontiers” – Viva Music Album Review:

Very driving beats open up the perspective of the new album by SOLAR FAKE, “Frontiers” inside a very danceable track, “Under the Skies”. With great vocal exercise from a versatile vocalist such as Sven Friedrich, the track is memorable and not exceptionally so: the entire album provides excellent listening material. A dancefloor collectible, “Under the Skies” is closely followed on by a gem of a track, “Why Did I Raise the Fire”, the anthem texture of which intertwines straightforward electro and ineluctable industrial beats, and really makes for a great addition to any playlist. A Viva Music favorite, “No Apologies” comes up next with zest, but also with a very rewarding arrangement; to the effect that it stands out as a generous tribute to numerous red threads of our favorite music, from the music of the 1980’s to synthpop, and from electro to industrial music. (more…)

June 7, 2011

Haujobb’s “Dead Market” EP Out Jun-17 – Viva Music Review

Only a couple of days are left until Jun-17, that is, until the release of HAUJOBB’s new EP “Dead Market” – an 8-piece wonder that precedes their forthcoming album “New World March” (tba, 2011). Prior to Jun-17, if you are in Leipzig for Wave Gotik Treffen, don’t miss out HAUJOBB’s club date for Sunday, Jun-12, in Darkflower Alternative Club (18:00 CET) for a special session with previews from the forthcoming album, the international release of the video for “Dead Market”, as well as a generous meet & greet with the artists (Facebook RSVP here).

Pre-order “Dead Market” (EP) here | Read Viva Music’s Artist of the Month entry on Daniel Myer | Watch “New World March” trailer and then read Viva Music‘s review of the “Dead Market” EP (after the jump):


Dead Market” * “Dead Market [Extended Remix]” * “Dead Market [The Horrorist – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Exes – Remix]” * “Letting The Demons Sleep [Nightmare]” * “Dead Market [Nomenklatuer – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Absolute Body Control – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Engineer’s Dub]


May 20, 2011

Degrees – New Album Out May-24: “Dream on Dreamy” – Viva Music Review

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01. The Great Big Void * 02. Oakland Mountain High * 03. Boys of Distortion * 04. Beach Loveison * 05. At Least Rock & Roll Won’t Leave A Hole In My Back * 06. Idiot Dreaming * 07. A New Dawn Fades, A New Dawn Waits * 08. Roads Again * 09. Dream On Dreamy

Album review:

Dream on Dreamy” is truly a gem of an album: out on May-24 with Af-music on May-24, it is already available as a digital download from the band’s bandcamp.com account, and can be found in stores in traditional format and also as a limited edition hand-numbered jewel case CD lot of 100.

What is striking from the first seconds of this beautiful album is the serene, almost immobile atmosphere the album transports you to: the small town atmosphere that on the surface suggests unvarnished simplicity and stillness, while deep down the turmoil and the ecstasy are boiling and erupting in a typical Swedish manner. This is how “The Great Big Void” welcomes you to the world of Degrees, a task that is further taken up by the elegant sound of “Oakland Mountain High“. The quietude subsists in subsequent tracks such as “Boys of Distortion” and “Beach Loveison”, which penetrate and drill down layers and layers of sound profusions and portions effectively emotions that are at the same time intimate and delicate. (more…)

April 26, 2011

Kmfdm Release “WTF?!”

Never one to shy away from asking the tough questions, KMFDM gives voice to the inquiry that is on everyone’s lips in these twisted times – WTF?!. WTF?!, the band’s new album released on Metropolis Records, joins the ranks of their many records titled with a five character name.”  (Metropolis Records)

In January we shared the great news of a new release from KMFDM, entitled “WTF?!” (European release: KMFDM Records / Dependent Records). Now that it’s here, we can rejoice even more in their 17-album history now that new material is out! December 2010 meant the release of the first track of the album: in the heat of the Wikileaks debate, KMFDM decided to make available the song “Rebels in Kontrol”  on the band’s website in December as a show of support for Wikileaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange, and was streamed more than 75,000 times in two days. (more…)

April 12, 2011

Jesus and the Gurus announce a new album on April-15!

The world trembles in fear – Jesus and the Gurus announce a new album!
No honeysweet melodies and mellow synth-sounds but brute Industrial merged with cynical lyrics against everything moving. With their new album „Wut+Zorn=Revolution (Anger+Rage=Revolution)“ Jesus and the Gurus give a new definition to Industrial-Metal. Iron noises and dirty analogue synths meet distorted walls of guitar-sounds and martial marching rhythms lead by a dark, deep voice. What originally constituted Industrial – rebellion, aggressive sounds of steel, staccato rhythms and a doomy atmosphere – is reawakening to new life with Jesus and the Gurus(more…)

Polarlicht 4.1 and Flint Glass join forces for common release on April-15!

These two well known projects in industrial oriented electronica  scene, Flint Glass and Polarlicht 4.1- Transistor join their efforts in  this 10 track collaboration concept album inspired by the famous novel  “La nuit des temps” by French author René Barjavel. It reveals a  balancing act between industrial-noise, experimental music and cinematic  dark electronica evoking imaginary places and an arctic, icy atmosphere.

Zoran’s Equation” is based mostly on track-sources from Polarlicht  4.1’s hypnotizing arranged soundscapes supplemented by Flint Glass‘s  rhythms constructions, dark atmospheres and background noises, arising  to a rarely heard combination.

Two artistic minds fused into one, creating a movie with sonic turbulence and heavy surging movement heaves restlessly, reminiscent in  places of the sound of one’s own muffled breathing heard under ice – the  sound of an uneasy sleeping landscape as dense waves of sound  reverberate in rhythmic complexity.

A concept album for anyone who has a liking for dark ambient music,  experimental electronica, noisy sounds and especially for those  listeners who appreciate both projects solo efforts.

Genre: Industrial/Dark Ambient

Release title: Flint Glass & Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor – “Zoran’s Equation

Release date: April 15th, 2011

01. Mange-Machine
02. Immortals
03. Which Does Not Exist, Exists
04. The Ice People
05. Gondwana
06. Isolation
07. Aurore Australe
08. Frozen Bodies
09. Lost Souls
10. Sleeping Beauty

Band members: Gwenn Trémorin, Ronny J.

Order: here

Label: Black Rain Rec. / Funkwelten

Band websites:

April 8, 2011

Lord of the Lost – “Antagony” Viva Music Review

Only one year has passed since the release of the LORD OF THE LOST debut album, “Fears!”, and now, in April 2011, they come back with a sophomore album that is truly worthy of your attention: “Antagony” (out on April-01 with Out of Line). A 15-track album, “Antagony” proposes clearcut sound, well-defined and engaging lyrics, and a sound on its way to become a trademark. Do not miss LORD OF THE LOST’s feature on the cover of the April issue of Sonic Seducer, in a haphazard duo with MINA HARKER.

Read Viva Music’s review of the Lord of the Lost debut album, “Fearshere.

LORD OF THE LOST’s new album is not, in many ways, a process, as it many times happens with bands who define their sound with initial releases. The pungent and charismatic sound of the album resembles in many ways what one should expect from artists with some tens of years of relentless studio and stage activity. The commanding beginning of gothic rock magnificence, “Preludium: About Love, Death & the Devil” is a masterpiece, and a great induction for the ensuing tracks. Elegiac only to the point where it is programmed to muster enough feeling to irrupt, “Preludium” opens the way for the manifesto track “We Are the Lost”, a compelling presence on the album, and, what is more, one that defines the philosophy of the band’s persona: a psychologically tormented and morally abused crowd of lost souls, trapped in the precipice that opens up between the world of living and dead. “We Are the Lost” is a highly creative track, but does not stray on the way to experimentalism, and this is why it comes up as a well-wrought and expert track.


March 29, 2011

Centhron New Album Release on April 01!

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Centhron was created in Winter 2001. It started with an electronic intimacy between Elmar Schmidt (Voice + Synth + Programming) and Jörg Herrmann (Progamming) which resulted into the first Demo “Melek Taus” in 2002, as Centhron did not want to arrive without a recording medium being the support act on a feindflug concert.

As this demo became rather successful Centhron decided to record a complete album to give it a try in the market. The album „Lichtsucher“ (2003) exeeded all expectations! DAC Dj Bullet Nr.1, fairly represented in the DUC Charts, Zillo Sampler and several requests and congratulations from all over Europe. And all this even without a label!

Gigs in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy have been rocked together with Suicide Commando, SITD, Kiew, Xotox, Agonoize, Reaper, Psyclon Nine, Grendel, Soman and many more. Every time the live perfomance has been improved which resulted in positive feedbacks up to waves of exitement.  (more…)

Fractured ‘Beneath the Ashes’ Album Review

Earlier this March, FRACTURED’s official site released a couple of B-side tracks prior to the release of “Beneath the Ashes”, their sophomore studio album. The B-side tracks, which FRACTURED’s Nick Gorman called “a bit incomplete”, are ever since unavailable on the site: a re-release, after the thick of enthusiasm caused by the new album release wears off, is scheduled for late 2011.

The B-side tracks, a coveted memorabilia for FRACTURED fans already hailed a great album preview: ‘Beneath the Ashes” is indeed a masterpiece, and VIVA MUSIC is happy to shortlist it for an album of the year nomination on our site darkwave.ro. “Beneath the Ashes” comprises 12 tracks and was dually released by Metropolis in the Americas and Dependent for Europe on March-25. (more…)

March 21, 2011

Distorted Memory – Swallowing the Sun – Out on March-25

Finally, almost 4 years after the great debut “Burning Heaven”, the Canadian project DISTORTED MEMORY releases a powerful follow-up “Swallowing the Sun“.

Swallowing the Sun” comes up with a more mature sound than the first album, moving away from terror EBM into darker, more organic Dark Electro sound with a large tribal/ethnic element.

Perfectly integrated OldSchool-elements create a timeless album with epic and powerful choruses. Vocals on “Swallowing the Sun” are less processed but more aggressive.

The concept behind the album describes a doomed world where man has destroyed nature and has fallen from power.

Mastermind Jeremy Pillipow created a masterpiece of music, which combines traditional DISTORTED MEMORY elements with new and surprising aspects. Mastering was done by X-FUSION Music Production. As special bonus, “Swallowing the Sun” contains an exclusive DIE SEKTOR remix.

Genre: EBM / Harsh Electro

TitleDistorted Memory – “Swallowing The Sun

Release date: March 25th, 2011

Tracklist: 01. Awake Sleeping Giants 02. Black Fields 03. Seven Voices Of Hate 04. Hand Of God 05. Silence 06. Swallowing The Sun 07. Nomads  08. Prey 09. Raven Eyes 10. Yahweh 11. Hand Of God (Die Sektor Remix)

Band members: Jeremy Pillipow + live member: Tim Doerksen

Year of foundation: 1999

Order: here


Band websites: Official, Last.Fm, Facebook, Youtube



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