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January 7, 2013

Darkwave.ro in figures – 2012


In 2012 we, Viva Music, continued our pledge to promote music, artists, and events that we enjoy and that are relevant for the dark, electro and industrial scenes.


Darkwave.ro is our most known platform, and it blends well with social instruments to which we resort every time in order to inform, and at the same time render our information popular, and why not, viral. In 2012 we provided 30 album reviews, band-by-band reviews with extensive photo sets for 10 local and 4 international events, as well as many party and festival news. We increased our fan base, presently counting on 2.9k+ Facebook fans and almost 1k Twitter followers.


Check out our extensive photo galleries here.


In 2012 darkwave.ro received numerous hits, amounting to 26k+ pageviews from 14k+ unique visitors. The surprise element of 2012 was not only the number of visits (if you take into account less than 50 posts, that’s a decent audience for a local site), but the fact that more than 70% of these unique visitors were new visitors, which means we attracted new audiences.


We were curious to find out where these people came from. First off, which sites send us visitors (and of course, why). Besides search engines, numerous festival, artist, fan and news sites, we were happy to find individual stories of people who liked our information and further promoted it. Secondly, demographically, we were happy to find out that English-, German-, French-, and Spanish-speaking countries rank high in visitor counts, fact confirmed by our Facebook fan demographics: Germany, the USA, the UK,  Spain, France, Mexico etc. alongside countries with whom we border such as Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc. Thirdly, we found in visitor stats that we have more than 50% of our audience in the age group of 25-44 years old, with both male and female demographics up to 50%


As regards the interests of our visitors, we got the confirmation that they centered around main topics of interest we take pride in providing. Of course, hot and trending information prevailed, and therefore our visitors were interested in news related to Amphi Festival, Apollo 440, Kinetic Festival, Hocico, Industrial Booom, as well as Antony and the Johnsons, the Cranberries, etc. The recurrent visits also yield in terms of social interactions – we were the happy recipients of numerous ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. Our most liked pieces were: the exclusive video release of Vlad in Tears’ “Mary” (1,128 likes) the festival review of Nocturnal Culture Nights 2012 (254 likes), Industrial Booom Festival 2012 – review and photos (169 likes).


In 2013 we intend to maintain our online presence bearing in mind our activity guidelines: to provide relevant and recent information, to document our album and event reviews thoroughly, to communicate openly with promoters and acts, to contribute to the promotion of our beloved scenes.


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