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March 3, 2011

Combichrist in Romania review (with photos) – with Mortiis – March 01, 2011

I can only say one thing: tonight, VIVA MUSIC converted me to a new religion in the chapel of The Silver Church”. (Hypestreet.ro)

VIVA MUSIC proudly presents the success of yet another event, COMBICHRIST + MORTIIS live at The Silver Church, on March 1st, 2011. A frantic crowd, a very energetic and invigorating sound, plus a unique experience for both artists and audience: these are the words we’d use to sum up the ploy COMBICHRIST and MORTIIS put up in order to prompt the emotions of their audience into the right corner of the heart.

The event was preceded by an escalating reputation – numerous publications, radio stations, internet communities and sites propagated the news of a performance filled with excitement and expectations: and in effect, the show was not disappointing at all! If you add the many Twitter and Facebook shares (estimated: over 2,000) to the concert related news, info, videos and reviews, you talk about the event that broke ground on the music scene of Bucharest – an event that ignited, inspired and elevated a curious, educated and hip audience of electroheads, Goths, rockers, and the regular club-goers – a wonderful audience whom we feel we could never thank enough.

MORTIIS’s concert lasted a head-spinning 45 minutes, in which they delighted their audience with a gravity-defying scenic tour of their work. Although consecrated tracks of their impressive discography were not given live greenlight, their setlist tuned to the audience’s thirst of quality music made in Norway.

Mortiis are a team-like band, and their music matches perfectly the energy they display on stage and their aspect, thus making the perfect introduction to what was about to happen, namely the COMBICHRIST concert” (Thegig.ro)

In the spotlights that would occasionally tear the darkness filled with smoke it was rather difficult to picture the savageness of their look thoroughly, however, the concert was an excellent one, with very good sound and a different (and I mean it in a good way) show, that sets against their studio recordings”. (Metropotam)

MORTIIS setlist @The Silver Church, March-01, 2011

The Ugly Truth
Way too Wicked
Closer to the End
Perfectly Defect
Decadent & Desperate
Scalding the Burnt
Demons Are Back

MORTIIS photogallery @The Silver Church, March-01, 2011


(special thanks to Andrei and vv)

MORTIIS photogallery, March-01, 2011, courtesy of Silver Church


MORTIIS interview by Metalfan.ro (English version, Romanian version)

COMBICHRIST’s show, on the other hand, eliminated any doubt anyone might have had about their live performance skills. A well-concerted experience that did away with the limitations of a traditional show, their erupting presence, synchronized team and infatigable zest delivered a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Well over their 90 minutes, the band encored and encored into the night as a frenzied audience asked for more energy and majestic sound.

Breathtaking from the beginning to the end”. (Thegig.ro)

With their industrial make-up all over them, as if, they had just changed the oil or the ball-bearing of the wheel of the apocalypse, COMBICHRIST made an outstanding show”. (Metropotam)

I have never seen before such an excess of testosterone in only one place! So much synchronicity, force and manliness unleashed!” (Hypestreet.ro)

After what seemed like 2 hours of live performance, which would have tired anyone, the band amazed with the same energy they showed when they got on stage. COMBICHRIST were amazing, they were prepared to deliver a show you had a hard time leaving behind”. (Thegig.ro)

I can only say one thing: tonight, VIVA MUSIC converted me to a new religion in the chapel of the Silver Church”. (Hypestreet.ro)

COMBICHRIST setlist @The Silver Church, March-01, 2011

Just Like Me
Follow the Trail of Blood
Today I Woke to the Rain of Blood
Throat Full of Glass
Get Your Body Beat
Slave to Machine
Blut Royale
Never Surrender
(encore one)
Fuck This Shit
(encore two)
What the Fuck Is Wrong With You?

COMBICHRIST photogallery @The Silver Church, March-01, 2011


(special thanks to Andrei and vv)

COMBICHRIST photogallery, March-01, 2011, courtesy of Silver Church



MORTIIS videos courtesy of Adrian Rolland, www.bloodbath.ro: Perfectly defect, Decadent and desperate

COMBICHRIST videos courtesy of Adrian Rolland, www.bloodbath.ro: Fuckmachine, Fuck this shit, What the fuck is wrong with you

MORTIIS & COMBICHRIST videos by Metalhead.ro

Reviews with photo galleries: Metropotam, TheGig, Hypestreet, Empty-Stage, Metalfan, Rockstage (MORTIIS photos), Rockstage (COMBICHRIST photos), and last but not least a vivid review from Maximum Rock Magazin.


Other videos by the participants: MORTIIS no #1, MORTIIS no #2, COMBICHRIST no #1, COMBICHRIST no #2, COMBICHRIST no #3, COMBICHRIST no #4



F**k Machine

February 28, 2011

6th electro music show on Bucuresti radio (98.3 fm) on Sunday, Feb 28, 2011


Our dear friend and sup­porter, Lau­ren­tiu Rusen (thank you, Laur!), Vivi and Adara are guests of the extremely pop­u­lar A la chart de week-end, with Bog­dan Crutescu show on Radio Bucuresti (98.3 FM) every other Sunday. We are grate­ful to Bog­dan Crutescu for his invi­ta­tion, and we appre­ci­ate his support.

We play electro/industrial music between 7:30 and 8:00 pm and 8:30 and 9:00 pm (GMT+2). You can always watch the show live on http://www.bucurestifm.ro/, they’ve got a good livestream. Vivi is in touch with you during the show on her Facebook page. Royalties on playing the tracks go to the record companies of each band.

Today’s broadcast was really special. Markus (Head-less), Peter (Tenek) and Lars (Violent Back Propagation) joined us on Facebook while we were on air! Thanks to them and to Anca, Simona, Tudor, Ella, Robert, Dani K who listened and encouraged us tonight.

Bogdan had a surprise in store for us: WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER SHOW NEXT WEEK, NOT IN 2 WEEKS! Wow, Bogdan, thank you so much!

6th show playlist, February 28, 2011:

Ghost&Writer – From hell
Combichrist – Throat full of glass
Mortiis – Smell the witch
Apoptygma Berzerk – Shine on
Violent Back Propagation – Violent back propagation
Tenek – Less is more
Frozen Plasma – Tanz die revolution
VNV Nation – Illusion
Imatem – Elegy of angels

All Royalties on playing the tracks go to the record companies of each band.

December 31, 2010

2011 Festivals to Look Forward to

Planet Myer Day 9

When: January 7
Where: Leipzig, Germany
Who: Destroid, Brazda lui Novac, Klangstabil, Empusae, Subheim
Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/planetmyerstudios


When: January 29
Where: Bucharest, Romania
Who: Project Pitchfork, Rabia Sorda, Tenek
Official Website: http://www.vivamusic.ro

Whitby Gothic Weekend

When: March 25 & March 26
Where: Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK
Who: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Fuzzbox, Dr. Arthur Krause, Dutch Order, The Beauty of Gemina and others to be announced
Official website: http://wgw.topmum.co.uk/

Wave Gotik Treffen

When: June 10 thru June 13
Where: Leipzig, Germany
Who: Analog Angel, Die Braut, Eyes Shut Tight, Nosferatu, Tying Tiffany, Vlad in Tears, and others to be announced
Official Website: www.wave-gotik-treffen.de

Zita Rock Festival

When: June 18 & June 19
Where: Zitadele, Berlin, Germany
Who: Zin, Teufel, Qntal, End of Green, Mono Inc., Project Pitchfork and others to be confirmed
Official Website: http://www.zita-rock.de/

Blackfield Festival

When: June 25 & June 26
Where: Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Who: Apoptygma Berzerk, Dreadful Shadows, Sono and others to be announced
Official Website: www.blackfield-festival.de

Lumous Gothic Festival

When: July 8 thru July 11
Where: Tampere, Finland
Who: Leaether Strip, Nosferatu, Waves Under Water, and others to be announced
Official Website: http://www.lumous.net

Amphi Festival

When: July 16 & July 17
Where: Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany
Who: Die Krupps, Das Ich, Diorama, Grendel, Staubkind, Klangstabil, Persephone, Suicide Commando, In Strict Confidence, and others to be confirmed. Classic & Depeche (piano concert with pianist Lars Arnold) also in the schedule.
Official Website: http://www.amphi-festival.de/

DV8Fest 2011

When: July 21 thru July 24
Where: York, UK
Who: Nosferatu and more than 50 other acts to be announced
Official Website: http://www.dv8fest.com/

Castle Party

When: July 21 thru July 24
Where: Bolkow Castle, Poland
Who: Atari Teenage Riot (de), PROJECT PITCHFORK (de), DIARY OF DREAMS (de), Closterkeller (pl), UMBRA ET IMAGO (de), SUICIDE COMMANDO (be) and many more
Official Website: http://castleparty.com/

Summer Darkness

When: July 29 thru July 31

Where: Utrecht, the Netherlands
Who: Lineup will be announced during the Summer Darkness Winter Edition, on Feb-04 (Combichrist & Mortiis concert)
Official website: http://www.summerdarkness.nl/festival/

M’era Luna Festival

When: August 13 & August 14
Where: Hildesheim, Germany
Who: Within Temptation, ASP, End of Green, Mono Inc., The Beauty of Gemina and others to be confirmed
Official Website: http://www.fkpscorpio.com/meraluna/

E-tropolis Festival

When: September 3
Where: Berlin, Germany
Who: Rotersand, VNV Nation, Haujobb, Faderhead, Solitary Experiments, Santa Hates You, and others to be confirmed
Official Website: http://www.etropolis-festival.de

November 3, 2010

Combichrist in Romania, March 1, 2011

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Combichrist si Mortiis in concert pe 1 martie la Silver Church

(data publicarii: 18.02.2011)

[for the English version scroll down]

De Martisor are loc la Silver Church (Calea Plevnei Nr. 61) concertul COMBICHRIST (in deschidere MORTIIS) organizat de Viva Music. Concertul face parte din turneul de promovare a celui mai recent album COMBICHRIST, “Making Monsters”.


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