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February 10, 2012

Out Now: WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler

WTII Records, which are known to our scene not only as promoters of a very fine streak of music, but also because of the versatility of the music projects they prop up, come up with a very enivable promotion tool that we kindly invite you to get your hands on right away! Trigger 10d, Method Cell, Lowe, The Qualia, Stromkern, SMP, Am.Psych, Stiff Valentine, Klutae, Rein[Forced], The Gothsicles, Dead on TV – these are the artists compiled in this free compilation “WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler“, which combines a selection of 2011’s best and 2012’s forthcoming miracles.

Read more about and download the compilation from here.

Track info listing is as follows:  Trigger 10d – “Skies Gone Dark (Wade Alin Remix)” (from “Trigger10d“)  * Method Cell – “Scissors (RPS Mix)” (from “Curse of a Modern Age“) * Lowe – “Mirage (Extended Mix)” (from “Evolver“) * The Qualia – “Guess I Lied (Mister 1234 Remix)” (from “Memorial Gore“) * Stromkern – “Intuit (Demo Version)” (from “Stromken” – to be released Mar-13) * SMP – “Cryonica (Deathproof Mix)” * Am.Psych – “Reasons” * Stiff Valentine – “Suicide Execute (Deathproof Mix)” * Klutae – “I Know It’s Sick But It’s So Much Fun (Psychopomps Remix)” (from “Electropunks Unite“) * Rein[Forced] – “Dichotomy (Demo Version)” (from “Dichotomy” – to be released Apr-03) * The Gothsicles – “Save Dat Mermaid (TBM is SRS EBM Mix by Mangadrive)” (from “Industiralites & Magic“) * Dead on TV – “F*** You, I’m Famous (Single Edit)” (from “F*** you I’m famous” – to be released on Apr-24).

December 19, 2011

2011: A Music Year in Review (Viva Music version)

2011 was a great year for our scene. Just a quick roundup of the acts and artists who released new material this year is sufficient to give you an impression, however fleeting, of the great tumult the scene has caused and the important additions 2011 has brought to our playlists. New releases from VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Haujobb, Sopor Aeternus, Covenant, Kirlian Camera and Diary of Dreams kept music lovers on edge and numerous other releases made their days worthwhile throughout the year.

In 2011, Viva Music had the pleasure and honor to listen to and review some 100 albums. In order to read our reviews, you can go to the menu and pick Album Reviews from the Interviews & Reviews section, or navigate using the right-hand visual cover flow. Pluses between brackets in the article lead you to the featured reviews.

Readers’ choice in terms of number of Facebook likes indicate Apoptygma Berzerk’s “Black EP vo.2” (+), Global Citizen’s “Nil by Mouth” (+), Haujobb’s “New World March” (+), The Cruxshadows’ “Valkyrie” (+), Ghost and Writer’s “Shipwrecks” (+), Autodafeh’s “Act of Faith” (+), Tenek’s “EP2” (+), Shiv-r’s “This World Erase” (+) and Covenant’s “Modern Ruin” (+) as top favorites. We have no doubt it was the beauty of the respective albums and not of our reviews that kept them up in the charts!

With numerous releases, the appreciation of the public was unanimous. It was an honor to have around VNV Nation’s “Automatic” (+), Kirlian Camera’s “Nightglory” (+), Diary of Dreams’ “Ego:X” (+),  Sopor Aeternus’ “Children of the Corn” (+), Aesthetic Perfection’s “All Beauty Destroyed” (+), KMFDM’s “WTF?!” (+), And One’s “Tanzomat” (+), Sin D.N.A.’s “Afterlife” (+), Lowe’s “Evolver” (+), IAMX’s “Volatile Times”, Imperative Reaction’s “Imperative Reaction” (+), Necro Facility’s “Wintermute” (+), Amduscia’s “Death Thou Shalt Die” (+), and System Syn’s “All Seasons Pass” (+ ).

No less impeccable and listenable in a loop proved to be a set of albums which, should you have missed them, are up on your shopping list next time you hit a record store. Ad Inferna’s “There Is No Cure” (+), The Pain Machinery’s “Surveillance Culture” (+), God Module’s “Seance” (+), Mona Mur & En Esch’s “Do with Me What You Want” (+), Leaetherstrip’s “Untold Stories” (+), Vic Anselmo’s “In My Fragile” (+), Solar Fake’s “Frontiers” (+), Mina Harker’s “Bittersuess” (+), Lahannya’s “Dystopia” (+), and Lord of the Lost’s “Antagony” (+).

Special mention should be made of Romanian wonders LeVant’s “Beyond the Masque of Eden” (+) and Brazda lui Novac’s “Dizzy” (+).

Let us not forget the beautiful events we were invited to attend, and had the pleasure to experience in 2011. We provided detailed footage both under the guise of reviews and photo galleries at Amphi Festival (+), Nordstern Festival (+), and Nocturnal Culture Night (+). In 2012, we intend to attend to more such events and keep you posted on our beautiful and dynamic scene.

As Viva Music we also organized our own events in Bucharest. You can take a look at the feedback we received for the third edition of our Darkwave.ro Festival (with Tenek, Rabia Sorda and Project Pitchfork, +), for our Combichrist (+) and Kirlian Camera (+) concerts, as well as for our support for the first Nine Inch Nails Tribute in Bucharest (+). We do our best to keep our scene alive and the response we get is always heart-warming and positive.


What was your favorite release in 2011? And what are you looking forward to in 2012?

September 15, 2011

Lowe – “Evolver” – Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “Alpha Bravo” * “Mirage” * “Breathe in, Breathe Out” * “Adorable” * “Live to Love” * “Half the Double Speed” * “Alone in the Dark” * “Forever” * “EdT

About Lowe:

Lowe are: Leo Josefsson (vocals); Rickard Gunnarsson (bass, backing vocals, synthesizer); Tobias Ersson (synthesizers, backing vocals).

Lowe discography (albums): “Evolver” (2011); “Kino International” (2008); “Tenant” (2004).

The third album from Swedish electro pop noir trio Lowe is out! With the teasing name “Evolver”, at the shortest distance from their #1 Swedish iTunes Alternative Charts topping single “Breathe in, Breathe Out”. A young band, formed only in 2004, they were the wunderkinds who got “best song”, “best newcomer”, and “best album” awards at the Scandinavian Music Awards with their first album alone. Sharing their time between Stockholm and Berlin, they were the first non-US band to be aired live on The Real Radio Show from Times Square in NY. Having extensively toured Europe and the US, Lowe are often put side by side with acts such as The Cure, Kent, New Order, and Visage, with whom they’ve also shared the stage during tours.

Evolver”, their third album to date, is described by lead singer Leo Josefsson as their darkest to date, providing a mixture of synths and disco balls and cutting new ground while coming up with their most homogenous album.

Lowe – “Evolver” – Viva Music Review:

Getting through the thick mist of “Alpha Bravo” is the trial of fire of the album – a polyvalent song that starts off on an experimental and instrumental vibe and builds up anthemic zest with very delicate and tender but firmly voiced lyrics. Enriched with a traveler’s vision through adverse natural phenomena to their destination is fueled by a very strong feel and makes a difference as being novel, fresh and keeping it dark. “Mirage”, the ensuing track, is at the same time redolent of early Covenant and has a deeper and darker Scandinavian shine, and also a standalone musical trompe l’oeil in which various reflections of darkness are to be unveiled before the listener. The very much likeable and chart-topping “Breathe in, Breathe out”, which we had the opportunity to listen to before, is also a great song, spiraling in and out of unknown pulmonary cavities and turning into a very qualified, able-bodied dance hymn. (more…)

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