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June 23, 2011

Project Pitchfork – New Album Out on August-12: “Quantum Mechanics”

Project Pitchfork surprise us with new material a year after their “Continuum Ride” album and their “First Anthology“! On August, 12 Trisol releases their new album, entitled “Quantum Mechanics“, in a general edition, as well as in limited and fan editions!

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Tracklist (general edition):  “Freeze In Silence” * “Lament” * “Run For Cover” * “Radical Business” * “Mute Spectators” * ” Quantum Mechanics” * ” The Queen Of Time And Space” * ” Splice” * “We Will Descend” * “You Rest In My Heart”

Tracklist (limited and fan editions)“Freeze In Silence” * “Lament” * “Run For Cover” * “Radical Business” * “Mute Spectators” * “Quantum Mechanics” * “The Queen Of Time And Space” * “Splice” * “We Will Descend” * “You Rest In My Heart” * “Tempest” * “Insomnia” * “Freeze In Silence (Ice Version)” * “Run For Cover (Antimatter RMX)” * “Lament (Death RMX)” * “Quantum Mechanics (Instrumental)”

The limited edition will come in 2,000 copies and will include: two exclusive tracks, three exclusive remixes, one exclusive instrumental version, book in hardcover-paperback-cover with elaborate ‘Singer’ thread stitching, 40-pages extra-booklet, precious artprint on high-quality paper, as well including all lyrics and additional artwork. The fan edition adds on top of the limited edition selection of tracks a special and exclusive t-shirt! (source)

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