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July 29, 2011

New Noyce TM Compilation out – “Past:ique” – Viva Music Review


Year 03 (Epilogue)” * “This World (X10DED)” * “Headland (Sun Meltdown)” * “Inschallah (X10DED)” * “Coma(tose)” * “Panique (Braek:Gate)” * “Tag (Traum) Werk” * “Comawalker” * “Clinical White Noise” * “Our World (in Coma) * “Un:Welt (Weltschmerz)” * “A Sculpture of Bones” * “Karmacoma (Klub NRX)” * “This Must Be Heaven” * “Year 03 (X10DED)

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It is always a pleasure to gain access to the hidden vault of a band. This is what Noyce TM did with a July 2011 release with In-D Records of their newest compilation, “Past:ique” (1,000 copies, limited edition).  The name, a play upon words recycling their first 1998 single’s name, “Panique“, their liberal use of the colon, and the word pastiche, uses up already known material in an innovative way, creating new or extended versions of their discography in order to re-create the same life-is-a-dream, spectacular feeling of sleep- or coma-walking through ravaging circumstances of life. Not being willing to give up on their dark, yet tender and caring view on humanity, Noyce TM give voice through “Past:ique” to new emotions, new perspectives on their music, and betray a very solid body of work behind the end product of their creativity. (more…)

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