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March 2, 2011

Coppelius Zinnober Album Review

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The German chamber metal band COPPELIUS returned in 2010 with their 3rd studio album entitled “Zinnober”. If you are not yet acquainted with the likes of kammercore innovators COPPELIUS, you should run out and buy their first albums and listen to this mysterious blend of chamber music and metal as soon as possible. What “Zinnober” brings to the table is a more commercial sound than its predecessors which is not a negative trait as in this particular case, it makes their music easier to listen to thus easier to hold close to your heart.

One can find a generous attribute of COPPELIUS in the way they decide to market their music. Everything is neatly thought out to the very last careful detail: cases, artwork and message. This 3rd full length studio album also comes in a digipack as the ones before it and once again we are not talking about just any digipack, but one vigorously dusted, shined and ready to grab some sights. Although the band has gracefully showered us with elegance in their work so far, this particular release seems to be the most tasteful one yet. We draw this conclusion primarily from their choice of color, a typical one for the virtuosi composers of COPPELIUS: black, red and neutral tones ideally quantified to ensure an elegant finished to an outstanding work of art.


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