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February 23, 2012

Noisenautics News from Romania: Nava Spatiala Release Noisenautics Vol. I (@Asiluum.com)

A duo specialized in noisenautics, Nava Spatiala creates sounds which are based on noise/drone/ambient atmospheres, relying on apparently chaotic, unintentional and improvisational use of the spectrum. Carefully keeping you alert along their journeys by the dadaist and deconstructivist approach, they invite you to a continuous exorcism of the present – the soundscapes Nava Spatiala creates also work as a pretext for meditation. Nava Spatiala started in 2010 and their musical approach is based on field-recordings, as well as on sound synthesis.

Inspired by different techniques of altering and randomizing digital information, Nava Spatiala is a continuous critical (anarchist) exploration of the present, in a world dependent on electricity. Building experimental drone/noise/ambient soundscapes, the duo’s 2012 debut EP, “Noisenautics Vol. I” (@Asiluum.com) is an unconventional exploration of the sound spectrum, haunted by sounds of nature and sinthetic vibrations. In order to confine their space, which they overfly extra and intra-dimensionally, Claudiu Chihaescu and Miron Ghiu make use of cricket sounds, traditional instruments and recordings of various religious ceremonies. The two challenge elements of sacred geometry, binaural frequencies that address both brain hemispheres, Alpha waves, as well as strictly subjective sound vibrations. Their journeys invite to meditation and make use of the waking state that is typical for the shamanic trance, in order to transcend the traditional communication boarders and the barriers between the mind, always open for mundane stimuli, and the “motherboard” of the collective subconscious. (source: press release)

Nava Spatiala on Soundcloud

January 27, 2012

Apollo 440 “The Future’s What It Used to Be” Out on Jan-30: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Stay Frosty” * “The Future’s What It Used to Be” * “Smoke & Mirrors” * “Stealth Cantorum” * “A Deeper Dub” * “Love Is Evil” * “Odessa Dubstep” * “Motorbootee” * “Traumarama” * “Fuzzy Logic” * “Music Don’t Die

Pre-order Apollo 440’s “The Future’s What It Used to Be” from here | Watch the album trailer after the jump.

Apollo 440 – “The Future’s What It Used to Be”: Viva Music Album Review:

When was the last time you heard about Apollo 440? Frankly, although I am not a fanatic of football, and even less of football teams, it was when I first found out that the FA Cup charity theme song of Liverpool F.C. was provided by them. However, the nine years that passed since their latest album, “Dude Descending a Staircase”, there was enough Apollo 440 aired and since 2007, when they resumed their touring activity, it’s been as if they have never left the scene. Of course, the thirst for new Apollo 440 material was there, but also the signs. No less than nine Apollo 440 remixes were featured in the 20 year anniversary edition of U2’s “Achtung Baby” in late 2011, and then the news of an Apollo 440 comeback followed shortly. And now it’s almost here: on Jan-30, out on their own Stealth Sonic Recordings label, the Liverpudlian group comes back with “The Future’s What It Used to Be”, their fifth studio album, and probably one of their best achievements so far. (more…)

January 26, 2012

L’Âme Immortelle – “Momente”, Out Tomorrow Jan-27: Viva Music Album Review

I would go as far as saying that this is the most personal record since “Als die Liebe starb” The wounds that made me write the lyrics and songs are basically still bleeding” (Thomas Rainer, interview for Goth Times, Jan-27)

Tracklist: “L’Étang Mâlo” * “No Goodbye” * “Absolution” * “Wie Traenen im Regen” * “Empty” * “Demon Be Gone” * “The Heart” * “Banish” * “Why Can’t I Make You Feel” * “Dort draussen” * “Hold Me

About L’Âme Immortelle – “Momente:

A moment is the highest form of existence. What is life but a succession of single moments? Painful, beautiful, challenging, rewarding glimpses in the eternal stream of existence. It is these moments which we remember consciously, which we look back upon at the end of our days. And whatever may happen: No one is going to take these memories away from us. On “Momente” (English translation: ‘Moments‘), L’Âme Immortelle immortalize exactly these moments, build darkly shimmering monuments to these essential happenings in life. (source: Resurrection Records)

L’Âme Immortelle – “Wie Traenen im Regen” – Official Video:

L’Âme Immortelle – “Momente” – Viva Music Album Review:

Out tomorrow Jan-27 with Trisol, the much awaited new album from L’Âme Immortelle entitled “Momente” (English: “Moments”) comes after 4 years of absence from the new release section with a vibrant and firm-handed album. We have had news in recent years of Nachtmahr, Persephone, Whispers in the Shadows – to name some of the acts in which L’Âme Immortelle members explore their musical craft – but however grand their respective releases have been, a L’Âme Immortelle release was much awaited and definitely, even before getting to listen to it, one of the highlights of 2012.

Momente” is reassuringly no different from previous releases from L’Âme Immortelle’s 15-year+ activity if you think of the seriousness with which they adapt to music and are able to transmit their emotions. However, any new album is a development of a previous phase of the existence of a band and definitely a time capsule for emotions that would have otherwise escaped the filter of the heart of listeners. And from this perspective, “Momente”, stands open and proud like a scrapbook of one’s finest emotions, with a new lease of life for a beloved project such as L’Âme Immortelle. (more…)

January 25, 2012

Stahlmann “Quecksilber” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Engel der Dunkelheit” * “Spring Nicht” * “Tanzmaschine” * “Asche” * “Mein Leib” * “Am Grunde” * “Goetter” * “Schmerz” * “Diener” * “Tanzmaschine (Club Remix)” * “Herzschlag” * “Tanzmaschine (Single Version)” * “Mein Leib (Club Remix)

About Stahlmann – “Quecksilber:

“We wanted this album to show an even more danceable side. We wanted to merge metal guitars with danceable EBM and dance, and at the same time focus more on the elements that pertain to electronic music.  And while doing so, we wanted to stay true to ourselves.” (…) Stahlmann stand for a new era of German music. They represent a new generation of harder music sung in German, and they develop the menacing and yet powerful vibrations of the so called Neue Deutsche Härte that began in the 1990’s with Die Krupps and Oomph and were perfected at a later date by Rammstein.  Founded in 2008, the first band engaged in industrial sounds, but also in driving rhythms of metal, and gothic intense melodies, all put together in one furnace, forging their craft from the solid base of their character and music. With catchy lyrics, a deep and distinctive voice, as well as a spectacular appearance, Stahlmann are a very welcome and much awaited addition to our music scene. (source: press release)

Stahlmann – “Spring Nicht” (Video Trailer):

Stahlmann – “Quecksilber” – Viva Music Album Review:

Quecksilber” (English: “Mercury”) is an album that is sure to get your musical attention. Released on Jan-20 with Afm Records/Soulfood, the album departs from a very sound premise of being creative, diverse and at the same time keeping to the straight and narrow of music-making, production and performance. (more…)

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