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December 6, 2011

Janosch Moldau “In Another World+Second Best”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “In Another World (Single Version)” * “Second Best (UK Single Version)” * “In Another World (Riot Mix)” * “Second Best (Highlight Mix)” * “Second Best + In Another World (Video by Hendrik Schindler)” * “Second Best Video Re-edit by 2av GmbH

About Janosch Moldau:

Based in the rural area of Southern Germany, over the last years, Janosch Moldau has created an international stir with his berlinesque and glamorous electronic pop sound. Janosch Moldau brings together electronic “plush-rock”, 80ies “synth-wave” and a severe bout of melancholy. “In Another World + Second Best” are the first singles to be released from the forthcoming 2012 album “Lovestar”.

Janosch Moldau – “In Another World + Second Best”: Viva Music Album Review:

Released on Nov-25, the new single from Janosch Moldau is already a hit – a first-week #18 in D.A.C. and #28 in top 100 videos from myvideo.de, the single combines two songs from the forthcoming “Lovestar” (2012, tba) providing single version, remixes, as well as video material in a very appetizing disc.

With a very positive and energetic sound, the opening “In Another World (Single Version)” is at the same time hymn and elegy and compiles a great deal of emotional background in very pertinent composition and vocal exercise. If that is the way “Lovestar” is going to sound like, then we’re already dancing around impatiently until it’s out! And when we thought this was a sort of decoy or bait to get us to like the single, the effervescent and sexy sound of “Second Best (UK Single Version)” lit up and took us to a superior level of sound, really appetizing and glamorous. In the same permanence of good feeling the first remix of the single compilation, namely “In Another World (Riot Mix)” took us where we belong and set us nice and cozy in an ambient of very flavorful sounds, while the second mix, “Second Best (Highlight Mix)” draws with a fluorescent pen in the dark signs and symbols that are at the same time arcane and known to us. Mention should also be made of the video material included in the single release (“Second Best + In Another World (Video by Hendrik Schindler)” * “Second Best Video Re-edit by 2av GmbH”) concludes the journey with very creative and decorous material.

Janosch Moldau – “Second Best” (video):

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