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February 28, 2011

6th electro music show on Bucuresti radio (98.3 fm) on Sunday, Feb 28, 2011


Our dear friend and sup­porter, Lau­ren­tiu Rusen (thank you, Laur!), Vivi and Adara are guests of the extremely pop­u­lar A la chart de week-end, with Bog­dan Crutescu show on Radio Bucuresti (98.3 FM) every other Sunday. We are grate­ful to Bog­dan Crutescu for his invi­ta­tion, and we appre­ci­ate his support.

We play electro/industrial music between 7:30 and 8:00 pm and 8:30 and 9:00 pm (GMT+2). You can always watch the show live on http://www.bucurestifm.ro/, they’ve got a good livestream. Vivi is in touch with you during the show on her Facebook page. Royalties on playing the tracks go to the record companies of each band.

Today’s broadcast was really special. Markus (Head-less), Peter (Tenek) and Lars (Violent Back Propagation) joined us on Facebook while we were on air! Thanks to them and to Anca, Simona, Tudor, Ella, Robert, Dani K who listened and encouraged us tonight.

Bogdan had a surprise in store for us: WE ARE GOING TO HAVE ANOTHER SHOW NEXT WEEK, NOT IN 2 WEEKS! Wow, Bogdan, thank you so much!

6th show playlist, February 28, 2011:

Ghost&Writer – From hell
Combichrist – Throat full of glass
Mortiis – Smell the witch
Apoptygma Berzerk – Shine on
Violent Back Propagation – Violent back propagation
Tenek – Less is more
Frozen Plasma – Tanz die revolution
VNV Nation – Illusion
Imatem – Elegy of angels

All Royalties on playing the tracks go to the record companies of each band.

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