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June 10, 2011

Hidden Place “Weather Station – Early Works” – Viva Music Album Review

Emotional Frequencies” * “Pure Ice” * “Anymore” * “Operazione PM 10” * “Centrali Termoelettriche” * “Helden” * “A Day without Time” * “Colors of Sunset” * “Euritmia del Fulgore” * “Euritmia (Early Demo Version)

HIDDEN PLACE are: Giampiero Di B. – guitar, bass, vocals * Fabio V. – keyboards, programming * Antonio L. – sampler, programming, vocals * SaraLux – vocals * Diego B. – mixing, mastering and editing. “Weather Station – Early Works” is a reissue with new artwork of a disc originally released in 2005; recorded 2004-5 at Zenith Studio. Packaged in digipak.

HIDDEN PLACE are an Italian electrowave band formed in 2004.  Following the release of their demo CD “Weather Station” in 2005, their tracks appeared on various compilations, both locally and internationally, before their 2007 release of their full-length debut album “Fantasia Meccanica” and their second album “Punto Luce” in 2009 with Twilight Records. The latter gained wide recognition and was included in the Argentine edition of “Rolling Stone” magazine as one of the top 50 albums of 2009. In 2011, HIDDEN PLACE are as active as ever, with a re-release of “Weather Station – Early Works” and “Fantasia Meccanica”, both with Twilight Records, and with SaraLux as a guest on PATENBRIGADE:WOLFF’s album “Verbundstoff”.

HIDDEN PLACE – “Weather Station – Early Works” – VIVA MUSIC album review:

When listening to “Weather Station” for the first time, your feeling must be that you have trouble believing this album is six year old already, trying at the same time to account for the absence of the entire album from your playlist for all these years. “Weather Station – Early Works” is emotional, captivating, full of zest and vigor – a remarkably pertinent debut album, the re-release of which, in 2011 with Twlight Records does justice to an album that needs not be overlooked or forgotten. (more…)

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