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April 8, 2011

Lord of the Lost – “Antagony” Viva Music Review

Only one year has passed since the release of the LORD OF THE LOST debut album, “Fears!”, and now, in April 2011, they come back with a sophomore album that is truly worthy of your attention: “Antagony” (out on April-01 with Out of Line). A 15-track album, “Antagony” proposes clearcut sound, well-defined and engaging lyrics, and a sound on its way to become a trademark. Do not miss LORD OF THE LOST’s feature on the cover of the April issue of Sonic Seducer, in a haphazard duo with MINA HARKER.

Read Viva Music’s review of the Lord of the Lost debut album, “Fearshere.

LORD OF THE LOST’s new album is not, in many ways, a process, as it many times happens with bands who define their sound with initial releases. The pungent and charismatic sound of the album resembles in many ways what one should expect from artists with some tens of years of relentless studio and stage activity. The commanding beginning of gothic rock magnificence, “Preludium: About Love, Death & the Devil” is a masterpiece, and a great induction for the ensuing tracks. Elegiac only to the point where it is programmed to muster enough feeling to irrupt, “Preludium” opens the way for the manifesto track “We Are the Lost”, a compelling presence on the album, and, what is more, one that defines the philosophy of the band’s persona: a psychologically tormented and morally abused crowd of lost souls, trapped in the precipice that opens up between the world of living and dead. “We Are the Lost” is a highly creative track, but does not stray on the way to experimentalism, and this is why it comes up as a well-wrought and expert track.


Gates of Dawn – New Album Release Today!

In 2011 Gates Of Dawn once more shows up with a brand new long player “Lucid Dreaming”.

Founded in 2005, the band from Germany perfoms a mixture of guitar wave and electronic soundscapes by creating seductive songs full of sweeping beats, romantic melodies and uncanny atmosphere. Following the successful 2008 record “Parasite”, the bands third CD output marks another step in achieving an unique sound experience.

Expanding guitar parts by Sebastian Kraus, live drums by Carsten Warkus and the real played violin of Tina Thomasberger have become an important element of the band’s sound. For the first time, the songs haven’t been written only by singer Matthias. By contributing own compositions by drummer Carsten and bass player Jan, the band acquired a larger musical multiplicity.

Finally we found the sound that makes us incomparable”, says singer Matthias Abel, “so for me, the record is like coming home to a place I’ve never been before in real life.” Over 70 minutes and 15 tracks this record acts like a dream of disturbing and fascinating images, a journey through a world full of terror, fear and ecstasy.

Female singer Martina: “We tried to find an inner access to those themes, which otherwise would be mere scanners. The connection between religion and violence, the longing for salvation and the submission to spiritual leaders we considered most important.” Some of the lyrics Matthias wrote while being in a state of lucid dreaming. “Since my childhood lucid dreams were my most exciting experiences. There always is this moment you suddenly realize that you’re within a dream, a moment of outraging clarity and joy, something I try to regain in creating music. It’s about waking up, taking control over your dream, over your life.

In 2011 “Lucid Dreaming” is going to be performed live as a multimedia-based show including especially produced video clips (some video works can be seen on YouTube channel GATESofDAWNmusic).

The new album was recorded and produced by the band itself, mastered at the TS-Musix Studio Zweibrücken and is published by the German label Sonorium.

Style:  Gothic Metal / Gothic Rock

Release titleGates Of DawnLucid Dreaming

Release date: 08.04.2011


01. Strange Temple
02. Chrystalline
03. Wake Up Dreamchild
04. Radiate
05. For You (The 3rd Denial)
06. Hunting Me
07. Disappear
08. Lucid Dreaming
09. Rise My Beloved
10. Ghosts Of Tomorrow
11. Nobody Returns
12. Treasures Of Satan
13. White Cube
14. Neolovers
15. Heal
16. More 

Year of foundation: 2005

Order: here



Band websites:

Gates of Dawn on Facebook

Gates of Dawn on MySpace

Gates of Dawn on Last.fm


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