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May 24, 2011

Truemmerfrau – New Album “Geschmacksmusterverletzung” – Viva Music Review


I AM BACK” * “Grande Dame” * “Ein Saeugetier Wie Ich” * “Heisser Scheiss” * “Ode 2 Friendship” * “Berlin” * “Another Song” * “Mongo, Mongo!” * “A Place” * “Hit (By a Meteor)” * “Die letzte Party

About Truemmerfrau:

Truemmerfrau are an electronic music duo formed in 2006 by Janne Pawelczyk (vocals, music, lyrics) and Toni (live keys, backingvox). After a first album in 2008, “Musika Mottekki”, they come back with a new release on June 24, 2011:Geschmacksmusterverletzungwith Remote Music. Meanwhile, the duo kept themselves busy with various performances and also contests: they were a top finalist in Dortmund Dance Track competition, and won the Urban Electronics DJ Battle in Osnabrueck – thus proving that their merits of mixing genre boundaries and getting together the acts of electronic, EBM and even dance and techno are not a far-fetched musical contraption, but a genre in itself. (more…)

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