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February 6, 2012

Retrogramme “For Our Dearly Departed” Out Feb-17 (Europe)/Mar-09 (US)

Tracklist: “Save without a Grudge” * “Patricia” * “My Advice” * “Heaven Is Closer than You Think” * “Milanah” * “Sanctuary” * “Temporary Love (Retrogramme ReKonstruct)” * “Fell Upon Deaf Ears” * “My Advice (Selfish Boy ReKonStrct)” * “Heaven Is Closer (Models & Machines Remix)” * “Cancer Remissed (Force Drift vs. Retrogramme)” * “Patricia (Your Dirty Habit Remix)

Retrogramme (USA) are: Rob Early (music, production); Nik Allen (songwriting); Dmitry Pavlovsky (voice, lyrics).

For Our Dearly Departed” will be released in Europe with EKP on Feb-17 and in the US with Red Basement Records on Mar-09.

About Retrogramme:

Retrogramme is a Washington DC-based electronic music act that has cultivated a strong underground buzz with their wide-range of sophisticated electronic styles and influences. Rob Early, the principal synthesist and programmer, Nikk Allen, the primary songwriter, and Dmitry Pavlovsky, the lead vocalist weave IDM, synthpop, darkwave, and ambient sounds into their own distinctive style which is easily identifiable as Retrogramme. Chad Collier, the creative mind behind the Washington D.C.-based EBM project Force Drift joins them for live performances as vocalist and keyboardist. Retrogramme have twice been featured on BBC6′s “Tom Robinson’s Introducing” series, and have been reviewed in several electronic/gothic/darkwave-based music magazines including ReGen and Dark Grave. They are frequent remixers and have also contributed to various electronic music compilations including Electronic Saviors II and Synth Scene. Their music is currently streaming on several web radio stations including EBM-Radio.com and GothWave.net.

Listen to the preview track “Heaven Is Closer (Models and Machines Remix):

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