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June 14, 2012

Desdemona – “Endorphins”: Viva Music Album Review

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Tracklist: “Bring in All” * “Desdream” * “Poison” * “Jealous Sky” * “Devil’s Game” * “Sorrow” * “Let’s Play Love” * “In Flames” * “Euphoria” * “XXX

About Desdemona:

Endorphins” is the title of the fourth album by Polish band Desdemona. In Poland the band is often regarded as one of the representatives of the dark independent scene. Their new album brings new energy to the scene, with combinations of diverse musical styles such as industrial, metal, electro and even dubstep with a fresh, intriguing and energetic set of songs. Desdemona toured so far with Tiamat, Pain, opened for Type’O’Negative and Katatonia and on several festival occasions shared stage with VNV Nation, Front Line Assembly, Dreadful Shadows, Deine Lakaien, Clan of Xymox or Suicide Commando. (source: press release)

Desdemona – “Endorphins”: Viva Music Album Review:

Released on May-28 with Danse Macabre and distributed by Alive!, the new album from Desdemona is a wonderful occasion to let yourself immerse in a hot energy bath without being scalded one bit by their flaming electro of their devise. Upon listening to the album, it becomes clear, if need be to confirm, that Desdemona take their work seriously and are thoroughly engaging and enchanting. Although the album comes after a certain amount of time away from the studio (with the exception of one EP of 2011, their studio work dates from the early 2000’s), you can feel a firm hand (or more!) in the album’s concept, layout, sound and production.

Bring In All” is a great overture for the album, with sleek sounds and enticing vocals wrapped up in a deep electro atmosphere. Just as convincingly, the advance of “Desdream”, with its convincing tempo, and with its darker hues, makes a good addition to today’s electro spectrum – it has nothing short of the scene’s greatest! A Viva Music favorite, “Poison” is teasing and conveniently dark; and provoking, too. With fierce, valiant vocals, at the same time sexy and ready to combat, “Poison” is a dark electro masterpiece that reminds in intensity and genre, but by no means  by comparison early Skunk Anansie songs. We also loved just as much “Jealous Sky”, which makes a great addition to the album, with a lighter but more dance-oriented pattern, as well as the ensuing “Devil’s Game”. “Sorrow” sounds fresh and intriguing, with sufficient elements of composition to make it rich and at the same time light. The second Viva Music favorite of the album, “Let’s Play Love” is very mobile and captivating, and coming up next, “In Flames” explores the darker core of danceability, so you should really give it a try. “Euphoria” adds an extra metal flavor to the electro and dark foundation of the album and plays eagerly with sound and vocals to an amazing effect, just before the final unleash of “XXX” takes by surprise and leaves a very plausible aftertaste.

Endorphins” is a good listening experience, and diverse, too. Not only does it convey a variety of emotions with eloquent musical illustrations, but it also shows that quality electro does not come with a country of origin label on it – which is something that we always are happy to see more of, anytime. Enjoy!

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