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May 17, 2011

Surgyn – “Vanity” New Album Release – Viva Music Review


Beauty (Intro) * Sever * The Stranger (Vanity Mix) * Code Black * Aesthetics (Vanity Mix) * Faceless (Vanity Mix) * Hemmorhage * Speak No More * Hit The Nerve * Agony (Outro)

Before reviewing the album, a signage caught our eye on the SURGYN website: “items are guaranteed to hide up to 90 percent of all hideous human flaws”. This line, referring to merch from the SURGYN shop, surely makes sense if you think of a hoodie that is branded with one of the band’s taglines, such as “fake what you lack”, but it also makes like total sense when applied to each of the songs (i.e. items) from their debut album “Vanity”. Released on an ominous Friday the 13th just less than a week ago as a digital download (and with a forthcoming physical disc release to be announced), SURGYN’s first album creates quite a vanity case with their medispeak inspired industrial music. Between the intro “Beauty” and the outro “Agony”, what is showcased is a world that is adamant to attaining beauty via processes of deconstruction and reconstruction again. (more…)

May 3, 2011

In the Nursery – “Blind Sound” – Viva Music Album Review


Artisans of Civilisation * Past Glory * Blind Sound * Crepuscule * Trial by Error * Coloured Silence* Lectern * Crave * Resonate * Overtone >Total running time: 45 mins

Written, arranged, produced & mixed by Klive & Nigel Humberstone. Nigel Humberstone – vocals, bass & keyboards; Klive Humberstone – vocals, tympani, orchestral drums & guitar; Dolores Marguerite C. – vocals; David Electrik – drums & marching snare. Additional musicians: Liz Hanks – cello; Matt Howden – violin & treatment; Graham McElearney – harp; Rob Skeet – clarinets. Photography & image manipulation – Guy J Brown

IN THE NURSERY’s “Blind Sound” is quite an experience for the listener, even more so for the one whose ears have not previously been tuned in to their majestic sound and glorious depictions of the most interesting facets of life. Usually swinging back and forth in critics’ view between neoclassical and martial electronica, what IN THE NURSERY is striking for is first of all their attention to the delicacy and minuteness of the slightest of sounds. With relevant experience in re-scoring silent movies (among which, most recently, the epoch-making 1928 “The Passion of St. Joan of Arc” with iconic Renee Jeanne Falconetti, IN THE NURSERY are sparkling in their creativity and imposition of atmosphere and cadence. (more…)

March 29, 2011

Fractured ‘Beneath the Ashes’ Album Review

Earlier this March, FRACTURED’s official site released a couple of B-side tracks prior to the release of “Beneath the Ashes”, their sophomore studio album. The B-side tracks, which FRACTURED’s Nick Gorman called “a bit incomplete”, are ever since unavailable on the site: a re-release, after the thick of enthusiasm caused by the new album release wears off, is scheduled for late 2011.

The B-side tracks, a coveted memorabilia for FRACTURED fans already hailed a great album preview: ‘Beneath the Ashes” is indeed a masterpiece, and VIVA MUSIC is happy to shortlist it for an album of the year nomination on our site darkwave.ro. “Beneath the Ashes” comprises 12 tracks and was dually released by Metropolis in the Americas and Dependent for Europe on March-25. (more…)

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