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April 1, 2011

Centhron’s Dominator is out today. The album review!

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A couple of days ago we were all thrilled about CENTHRON’s new album release – now that it’s here, we are even happier with their release. To crown their decade-old activity, the Bremen musicians come up on April-01, 2011 with a new release: “Dominator”, a full-length album with Scanner, the label that backed their most recent album, “Roter Stern” in 2009. Their label fidelity seems to work just wonders for them, since the sound both “Roter Stern” and “Dominator” come with is a mature mist well supported by electro and industrial geometry.

The album in itself comes with numerous gems. You can rarely find an album that starts off at full tilt, but “Dominator” is surely your kind of album if that is what you have in mind. “Leitwolf” does not only come as a surprise because of its being the first track of the album, and a generous one for that matter; but also because it conveys atmosphere in a diligent and well-wrought way. One would think that touring with AGONOIZE gets you all the emulation powers you need, but no, CENTHRON’s style is not at all cramped by their influence – they do stand out.  (more…)

March 29, 2011

Centhron New Album Release on April 01!

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Centhron was created in Winter 2001. It started with an electronic intimacy between Elmar Schmidt (Voice + Synth + Programming) and Jörg Herrmann (Progamming) which resulted into the first Demo “Melek Taus” in 2002, as Centhron did not want to arrive without a recording medium being the support act on a feindflug concert.

As this demo became rather successful Centhron decided to record a complete album to give it a try in the market. The album „Lichtsucher“ (2003) exeeded all expectations! DAC Dj Bullet Nr.1, fairly represented in the DUC Charts, Zillo Sampler and several requests and congratulations from all over Europe. And all this even without a label!

Gigs in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy have been rocked together with Suicide Commando, SITD, Kiew, Xotox, Agonoize, Reaper, Psyclon Nine, Grendel, Soman and many more. Every time the live perfomance has been improved which resulted in positive feedbacks up to waves of exitement.  (more…)

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