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September 1, 2011

Diary of Dreams – “Ego:X” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: X1 Into X” * “Undividable” * “Lebenslang” * “Element 1: Zeitgeist” * “Grey The Blue” * “Immmerdar” * “Element: Illusion” * “Push Me” * “Element 3: Stagnation” * “Echo in Me (X-Version)” * “Element 4: Angst” * “Mein-Eid” * “Splinter” * “Element 5: Resignation” * “Fateful Decoy” * “Weh: Mut” * “Out of XX2 The Return” * “Push Me (X-Version)” * “Undividable (E-Mix)” * “Undividable (Alternative-Mix)

Produced by: Daniel Myer, Diary of Dreams. Mastered by: Diary of Dreams, Guido Fricke, Rainer Assmann. Words, music, written, performed by: Diary of Dreams. Vocals: Martin Kessler (spoken); Amelia Brightman (guest, tracks: 1-8). Drums: Guido Fricke (recording). Violin: Ray W (tracks 1-2, 1-8, 2-1). Pre-order the album and listen to snippets from here.

Diary of Dreams’ 13th studio album “Ego:X” is the summa cum laude collaboration between the band and Daniel Myer. Previously renowned for their active use of riddle-packed, dark electronic sounds meddling with classical compositions, Diary of Dreams return with a new album in September 2011 with topnotch vocals from Adrian Hates and guests, as well as with a very conceptual album that can be equally thought of as a club album and a soundtrack for your intimate and personal moments. The album stands out with its accession of both conceptual and lighter pieces, all in all a feast for the ears of both Diary of Dreams veteran and novice listeners.

Diary of Dreams – “Ego:X” – Viva Music Review:

Bracketed by two superb “Into X” and “Out of X”, the first disc of the album “Ego:X” contains as usual with Diary of Dreams a lengthy suite of tracks that render the basic equation of the title profound, laden with meaning and carefully plotted against one philosophical question everyone must face at some point or other of their existence: who we are, how it is that we as one stand as one to the world and do not become mingled with the others, and ultimately how does our unity divide itself in the many ways we need to participate in the world. Trying to respond from one blow to the question, the track “Undividable” (remixes of which are to be found on the second disc of the album) crashes in with real force and virtuosity, putting a wide range of emotions at stake – between agony and quietude, and between the surreptitious wish of being independent and the feeling of belonging. Shaped into one piece by Adrian Hates’ voice, the track is really enticing and carries on a refined aftertaste into the next track, “Lebenslang”; which, as the title goes, is about a lifelong endeavor to create despite the feel of destruction and corruption. (more…)

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