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October 19, 2011

Brazda lui Novac – “Dizzy” – Out Tomorrow + Release Party: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: EDM” * “Red Pill” * “Algo” * “Sat” * “Blue” * “Move” * “Speed” * “Beatz” * “Machine” * “Shift” * “ASMPS” * “Outro” * “Subheim – Streets (Brazda lui Novac Remix)

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Brazda lui Novac – “Dizzy” – Viva Music Album Review:

To be released on Oct-20 in a special event organized in Silver Church Club, Brazda lui Novac’s second album, entitled “Dizzy” will include 12 Brazda lui Novac compositions, as well as one remix for Subheim’s “Streets”. Both Brazda lui Novac and Subheim were on the same stage of Planet Myer Day 2011.

The album is a fully fledged electronic contraption that takes you over in successive, persuasive bits, with an already recognizable Brazda lui Novac trademark sound which envelops you from the very first seconds and keeps you up with very determined beats. Abstract to a certain extent, but without becoming cryptic or undanceable, the music proposed by “Dizzy” is a cavalcade of sounds that truly measures up to expectations. Already with a mood set in by “EDM” (short for ‘electronic dance music’ if you ask us), it rushes forth with very tidily constructed sound on “Red Pill” and “Algo”, with the notable difference that the latter tracks are in a certain way more aggressive, but in a good way. Overall, the feeling resists the tempest of new sound, and the more minimalist touches are covered in the at times droning, at other times soothing shell of sound that defines the tracks.

With “Sat”, the resolve of the album is there; and the game of ambivalence and subtle shifts of positive emotions is conducive of great atmosphere.  If you are ready to get more, then “Blue” is the track in line for you, and it is a great addition to the already superb rendition of the previous tracks. It goes the same about “Move” and “Speed”, and mention should be made of the fact that there is a certain distinguished choreography in the tracks, that transports you into the right kind of movie and instead of keeping you hanging in there, guides you from room to room to new experiences of new depths.  (more…)

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