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August 5, 2011

New System Syn Album “All Seasons Pass” Out on Oct-11!

System Syn Album “All Seasons Pass” is going to be released on October, 11! You can already pre-order the album from the band’s site in various arrangements, including a very appealing arrangement ofblack faux leather case,  t-shirt in various sizes, vinyl stickers, dog tag, silicone wristband, and of course the CD and the book “All Seasons Pass“.


God Damn” * “Path of Least Resistance” * “Ordinary Life” * “An Excuse Never Received” * “Mercy” * “Good Night” * “Homecoming” * “Absence” * “The Lesson” * “Funeral” * “Confession

System Syn is an electro-industrial and futurepop music group that began in 1997, comprising of Clint Carney (Imperative Reaction, God Module, Fake), Jon Siren (Psyclon Nine, Dismantled), Atom Strange, Jake Strange and Adam Vex. Their 11th album, “All Seasons Pass” is scheduled for Oct-11 this year.

“”All Seasons Pass is unlike any previous System Syn album. This album tells the true story of the final tragic days of a young woman, as seen through her eyes and through the eyes of those around her. Also available is the book, “All Seasons Pass: the Complete Story,” which reveals the real life story that inspired the album, including never before published photos and evidence.”, according to the band’s website.

The new album release coincides with the band’s tour entitled Triptych Tour, which will storm over America in September and October alongside other acts in which Clint Carney participates creatively, namely Imperative Reaction and God Module. All three tour bands are scheduled to release albums this autumn! (System Syn – “All Seasons Pass“, Imperative Reaction –Imperative Reaction“, God Module – “Seance“.

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