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February 3, 2012

Eisbrecher “Die Hoelle muss warten” – Out Feb-14 – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Tanz mit mir” * “Augen unter Null” * “Die Hoelle muss warten” * “Verrueckt (Original Version)” * “Herz aus Eis” * “Prototyp” * “Ein Leben lang unsterblich” * “Abgrund” * “In meinem Raum” * “Keine Liebe” * “Exzess Express” * “Rette mich” * “Atem” * “Treiben” * “Verrueckt (Combichrist Remix)

About “Die Hoelle muss warten:

The unexpected Ice Age that seized the music world in 2002 continues as Eisbrecher masterminds Alexx Wesselsky and Noel Pix return for another classic release that is sure to cause waves in both the electronic and metal scenes. After a successful run of tours and festival appearances in Europe including Alice Cooper’s ‘Theatre of Death Tour’ and The Nova Rock Festival, Eisbrecher is poised to once again conquer the US clubs and charts. Heavier and harder than ever before, “Die Hoelle muss warten” features an expertly crafted blend of crushing guitars, menacing vocals, and melodic synth lines. Not one to stay the course, Eisbrecher also shows its ability to incorporate modern influences and blend them into songs that stay uniquely Eisbrecher, such as the dubstep-tinged “Herz aus Eis.” The album’s opener “Tanz mit mir” is a perfect example of what modern industrial rock should sound like, while tracks such as “Rette mich” slow things down and feature frontman Alex’s crooning voice over beautiful synth melodies. With such a diverse range of influences and perfect production quality, “Die Hoelle muss warten” is another step forward for a band that has already established itself as one of the premier electronic rock acts of our time. (source: label site)

Eisbrecher – “VerruecktOfficial Video:

Eisbrecher – “Die Hoelle muss warten” – Viva Music Album Review:

Coming Feb-14 from Metropolis Records, the new album from Eisbrecher entitled “Die Hoelle muss warten” (English: “Hell must wait”) was preceded by the release on Jan-20 of the single preview track “Verrueckt” accompanied by a very pertinent Combichrist remix! Add to that the “Verrueckt” video, which is classy and really enticing – and we have the ingredients of high expectations from an album that proved, even on first listening to it, a great addition to this year’s EBM and industrial loot.  (more…)

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