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June 10, 2011

Inertia – “Deworlded” – Viva Music Album Review

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Inertia are the best and most aggressive band in London.”Gary Numan

Current lineup: INERTIA are Reza Udhin, Alexys B, Kneill X and Andrew Lowlife.

Tracklist: “Deworld” * “Anticulture” * “Feed” * “Feline Fantasy” * “Repeat & Follow” * “Alien” * “Strange Familiar” * “Gone” * “Fallout” * “Round and Round” * “Capture

About the album: Hot off the back of a daring covers album “Kloned” and a club-hit single “Repeat & Follow”, London’s electro-industrial veterans Inertia are back with “Deworlded”, their first full-length album since 2007’s “Inertia”. Eighteen years and multiple line-up changes have re-shuffled Inertia into a veritable electronic-super-group comprising members from Killing Joke, Electro-Falco, Killer B Movie and Swarf, all of who show off their prowess on this latest offering.  (more…)

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