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November 11, 2011

Haujobb “New World March” Out Today 11.11.11 – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Control” * “Crossfire” * “Let’s Drop Bombs” * “More than Us” * “Machine Drum” * “Dead Market” * “Lost” * “Soul Reader” * “Little World” * “Membrane” * “New World March” * “Echo

Read Viva Music’s review of Haujobb’s single “Dead Markethere | Order “New World March” from here.

Haujobb New World March” – Viva Music Album Review:

The new world march begins today 11.11.11 with the release of Haujobb’s “New World March” album with Zweieck Recordings/Basic Unit Productions,. Beside Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic, several other artists joined their efforts in the project: Covenant’s Joakim Montelius, Paul Kendall, Achim Faerber, Sebastian Ullmann, to the result of a very impressive album. Our expectations were already geared up with the June release of their single “Dead Market”, but listening to the album (which, as you will see, cannot happen just once) provided way deeper insight into a musical universe worth settling in, in the coziest and most empathetic manner. It flows naturally, and it is heavy with feeling. There are no extraneous things in the album, and lyrical content is impactful, though it is kept at a minimum: no fancy embedded and subordinated clauses, proof of the fact that you don’t have to be verbose to get your message across. (more…)

June 7, 2011

Haujobb’s “Dead Market” EP Out Jun-17 – Viva Music Review

Only a couple of days are left until Jun-17, that is, until the release of HAUJOBB’s new EP “Dead Market” – an 8-piece wonder that precedes their forthcoming album “New World March” (tba, 2011). Prior to Jun-17, if you are in Leipzig for Wave Gotik Treffen, don’t miss out HAUJOBB’s club date for Sunday, Jun-12, in Darkflower Alternative Club (18:00 CET) for a special session with previews from the forthcoming album, the international release of the video for “Dead Market”, as well as a generous meet & greet with the artists (Facebook RSVP here).

Pre-order “Dead Market” (EP) here | Read Viva Music’s Artist of the Month entry on Daniel Myer | Watch “New World March” trailer and then read Viva Music‘s review of the “Dead Market” EP (after the jump):


Dead Market” * “Dead Market [Extended Remix]” * “Dead Market [The Horrorist – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Exes – Remix]” * “Letting The Demons Sleep [Nightmare]” * “Dead Market [Nomenklatuer – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Absolute Body Control – Remix]” * “Dead Market [Engineer’s Dub]


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