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August 16, 2010

Slave Republic: Electric One: album review

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SLAVE REPUBLIC (Germany) is Alec Fu (vocals, guitar) and Alex Alice (bass, keyboards). The band recently signed with Accession Records, a label that works with artists such as Diary of Dreams, Assemblage 23, Diorama, Painbastard or Panzer AG.

The duo captures our attention through its very felicitous synthpop style, well on the same line that made you love Duran Duran, IAMX or Diorama.

The material released on March 12 – “Electric One”, has in store all the necessary elements of a sensitive and harmonious album: 11 tracks, on the one hand soothing and gloomy ballads, meanwhile, on the other hand, exciting rhythms and electric beats, perfect for a clubbing night. Add to that a bonus of 2 feverish remixes by Haujobb and Olaf Wollschläger.


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