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March 4, 2013

Swedish Electro vol.1 Compilation

viva_swedish_electro_scene_vol.1Tracklist: “Me and You” – Moist feat. Smith & Thell * “Devil & I (Control Mix)” – Optic * “Obscurity” – Rezonance * “Saudade (Swedish Electro Scene Mix)” – Arachnophobias * “Memories” – Avantgarde * “Quiet as a Knife” – Liebe * “European Lover” – International * “Bright” – Cold Connection * “Be Silent (Currency of Joy Remix)” – Dpoint * “Do You Want to Go” – Social Ambitions * “Lifeline” – Radiant * “Secrets & Lies” – Emmon * “Twilight Zone (Swedish Electro Remix)” – Endless Shame * “In Your Arms” – Vanguard * “Providence” – Neurobash * “Unknown” – Additive Nil * “Miscreation (Version)” – Unitary * “The Iron Sky” – Chaos All Stars * “Victims of Fashion” – Steelberry Clones * “Kick” – The Pain Machinery * “The Devil’s Just a Man” – A life lived-Bible * “Never Follow Anything” – Atari Cowboy * “Hela din Varld” – Spark! * “Progenitor” – Code 64 * “Zero G” – Cryo * “A Day Worth Time” – Libra * “Glas” – Fatal Casualties

The Facebook-based project “Swedish Electro Scene” delights us with a free/name-your-price compilation entitled “Swedish Electro vol.1” (release date: Jan-05). Compiling no less than 2 hours of quality Swedish electro, with 27 tracks (see above detailed tracklist), the Bandcamp compilation indulges in the vibes of Swedish electronic music with vying tempos, showing throughout the compilation just how vibrant and varied the scene is. Some of the tracks are exclusively reworked for the sake of this compilation, while others are standalone works of artists, both published and previously unreleased. If you want to make your way in the thicket of Swedish electro of today, “Swedish Electro vol. 1” is a well needed primer. Enjoy!

Facebook project page | Bandcamp (download) page

July 29, 2011

Great Listen: Amphi Festival 2011 Sampler Compilation from Out of Line!

Did you miss this year’s edition of Amphi Festival? Or you’ve witnessed the great lineup, venue, crowd and feel and want to revive it? Help yourself from “Amphi Festival 2011 – Compilation CD” from Out of Line: it makes a great mashup of songs you want to listen, a ready-made playlist for a drive or for sharing when you have friends over, the 18-track compilation gives the juice and diversity of the scene as proved by the 2011 edition of Amphi Festival.  Initially released as a festival appetizer, the compilation can be tasted just as well in the aftermath of the event, especially since the selection of tracks is rigorous, profound and totally entertaining!


Kirlian Camera – “Nightglory” * De/Vision – “Time To Be Alive (Radio edit)” * Nitzer Ebb“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” * Suicide Commando – “Death Cures All Pain (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)” * Staubkind – “Halt Mich“ * Subway To Sally“Falscher Heiland“ * Samsas Traum – “Durch die Wand der Traeume” * Tanzwut – “Meer” * Hocico – “Tiempos De Furia” * Leæther Strip – “Invade my body” * Agonoize – “Vollrauschfetischist” * Covenant – “Get On” * Klangstabil“Gridami“ * Die Funkhausgruppe – “Die Physiker“ * Rome – “Der Wolfsmantel“ * Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – “Do Angels Never Cry And Heaven Never Fall?” * Clan of Xymox – “Tears Ago“ * Die Krupps“Als waeren wir fuer immer“ 

Order “Amphi Festival – Compilation CD” from Out of Line here | Read Viva Music‘s review of Amphi Festival 2011 here.


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