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March 8, 2012

Detroit Diesel “Coup d’Etat” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Crash and Burn” * “Let’s Pretend” * “Just Like Falling” * “Dance of the Dead (feat. Scott from Ivardensphere)” * “Black Flag” * “Never Looking Back” * “Speak No Evil” * “Isolation” * “Underfire” * “The Playground (feat. Dracos from FGFC820)” * “War Never Changes” * “Let’s Pretend (Remix by Grendel)” * “Speak No Evil (Remix by Terrolokaust)” * “War Never Changes (Remix by CeDigest)

Detroit Diesel – “Coup d’Etat” – Viva Music Album Review:

Out toward the end of this month, on Mar-30 with Deathwatch Asia, Detroit Diesel’s third album, entitled “Coup d’Etat” is instant coup de foudre. With a very valiant texture and feel, the album assembles new tracks in a sufficient amount to get one’s ears pricked and to manage to keep the level of attention heightened and uneven – from good to better, that is. Alongside own compositions, remixes provided by Grendel, Terrolokaust and CeDigest, as well as features from Ivardensphere and FGFC820 are represented in the album – and the final product looks just awesome.

With an incisive and great electronic beat, “Crash and Burn” is a very palatable musical experience. It truly creates a horizon of expectations that is satisfied throughout the album. With a blaring signature beat and with interspersed discourse from what seemingly is a protest, the feel of “Crash and Burn” is carried on by the ensuing gem of a song, “Let’s Pretend” (also available on the album: the remix by Grendel). “Let’s Pretend” creates a wonderful bridge from the protest of “Crash and Burn” and the hallucinatory effect of “Just Like Falling”, a track that most certainly won’t go unnoticed in any playlist, no matter its company. Not only it is powerful, but it is also memorable, and its impact is multifaceted – you can actually experience the track with all your senses. Add to this good job “Dance of the Dead (feat. Scott from Ivardensphere)” and you are seriously falling into a sound philosophy of indomitable dimensions. You have to love it, because it sounds pretty amazing and it’s keeping a silent pledge with danceability, too.  (more…)

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