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June 3, 2011

Castle Party 21-24-July: The clock is ticking!

A word from the organizers: What to expect from the largest Middle- and Eastern European fest since 1994? “One big open-air stage in the main court yard of the Castle and two smaller stages in clubs – add to that a DJ club!” And the attractions? “Concerts, of course, belly dancers, fashion shows as well as pyrotechnics“.

21-24 July 2011 – Bolkow Castle, Poland

Thursday, 21-Jul: H.EXE (Poland); Lecter (Poland); Synchropath (Poland); Monstergod (Poland); DJ Maniac (Poland)

Friday, 22-Jul (15:00hrs – Castle): Hyoscyamus Niger (Poland); Castrati (France); Smialek (Poland); The Cuts (Poland); Santa Hates You (Germany); Fixmer/McCarthy (Germany); Closterkeller (Poland); Atari Teenage Riot (Germany) (22:00hrs – Catholic Church): Other Day (Germany); (19:00hrs – Hacjenda Club): Hieros Gamos (Slovakia); DJ Einar (Poland); DJ Cute (Poland); DJ Fallen (Poland); DJ Faust (Poland).

Saturday, 23-Jul (15:00hrs – Castle): Moonlight (Poland); Freakangel (Estonia); Hetane (Poland); Blindead (Poland); Nosferatu (Great Britain); Zeraphine (Germany); Umbra et Imago (Germany); Diary of Dreams (Germany); (22:00hrs – Hcjenda Club) DJ Ekd (Poland); DJ Maslo (Poland), DJ Serafin (Poland); DJ Rafaelo (Poland).

Sunday, 24-Jul (15:30hrs – Castle): Reactor7x (Poland); Bratrstvo Luny (Czech Republic); Controlled Collapse (Poland); Dope Stars Inc. (Italy); Diorama (Germany); Suicide Commando (Belgium); Project Pitchfork (Germany);  (22:00hrs – Hacjenda Club): DJ Gothzilla (Poland); DJ Maniek (Poland); DJ Octahedron (Poland); DJ Mirage (Czech Republic). (more…)

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