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October 7, 2013

BLN – “Moldern” Out Oct-07, Release Party Oct-11

bln_moldern_album_cover_2013Tracklist: “ILA” * “Care” * “Toy” * “Silk” * “Trip” * “Classic” * Prdss” * “Crystal” * “Naked” (feat. Luiza Zan) * “Gandurile” (vs. Monojacks) Remixes: “Care” (Plaid Inashed Remix) * “ILA” (Architect Remix) * “Toy” (Roel Funcken rmx) * “Silk” (r.roo Remix) * “Care” (Yvat Remix) * “Trip” (Erode Remix) * “Classic” (Dirk Geiger Remix) * “Naked” (Midimode Remix) * “ILA” (Basementgrr rmx) * “Care” (scrambled by Cycler on a rainy day) * “Trip” (Across the Bridge Mix by Talvekoidik) * “Prdss” (Reformed by Randomform) * “Care” (Core Dumped by Reform-1)

BLN previously on Viva Music sites: Brazda lui Novac in deschiderea concertului Covenant | Brazda lui Novac – “Dizzy”: Out Tomorrow |

Release date: Oct-07, 2013, via Bandcamp.com

Official launch event: Oct-11; 22:00hrs @Control Club, Bucharest, Romania | RSVP here.

About: Started in 1997 as a hobby, Brazda Lui Novac is now Romanian musician Victor Popescu’s fully blossomed electronic project. Having spent his childhood in a district called “Brazda Lui Novac” (translation: “the furrow of Novac”), Victor found it fitting to give the same name to what he creates musically, as adult now. Entailed in a genre fusion, Brazda Lui Novac’s sound stretches from melodic synth sounds to collages of IDM, industrial, electro and often encompassing subtle elements of shoegaze. In 2003, Victor opened Square Sound Studio, followed by Square Sound Records in 2009. This had a major influence on his livesets by shifting the digital feel of the music to a more physical one, including more hardware to the act. In 2011, Brazda lui Novac (currently BLN) released the album “Dizzy” with Raumklang Music.

BLN – “Moldern” – Viva Music Review: BLN’s “Moldern” comes as a revelation this fall, with sufficient warmth to keep us going through the coming cold. “ILA” is the opening piece of the two-disc album, serving both as an intro and a recipe for the entire album. It combines diversity and a common red thread that reads easily and makes a perfect soundtrack for the fall. The ensuing piece, “Care” is probably one of the best pieces of the album, and its eerie effect does not wear off even after several listens. “Toy” adds to the previous agenda-setting a little more boost, with its majestic arches and staccato flows over a cathedral-like anthem. With “Silk” and “Trip” the album gains in texture, and with “Classic” it marks a turning point int he album toward the nostalgic and the yearning. “Prdss” continues the series with a great melodic line, which would make the best soundtrack for the end credits of a new Bond movie. Up next, “Crystal” stands very well as a good competitor against “Care” for best track of the album. Of a special quality that matches in tone and hue the album, the Luiza Zan feature is a splendid example of what finely tuned vocals can do in finesse to the above trend, and you can notice her jazzy input for a track that is altogether brilliant. As for the last piece, “Gandurile” (Romanian: “The Thoughts”) is nothing less than we expected from a collaboration with the Monojacks. It bears their signature riffs, but blends in miraculously with the undercurrents of BLN’s music creating a topnotch track. The second disc of the album is a series of remixes for the first disc tracks, amplifying the voices in “Moldern”, ranging from Architect to Dirk Geiger remixes. An extensive listen, the second disc is a manifest for such collaboration, because of the wealth of musical ideas that can develop in collaborative music spaces. BLN’s “Moldern” is an album that is well worth many listens, and encapsulates enough musical material to sound different with every such listen. Highly recommended new addition to your album collection, enjoy!

BLN – on Facebook | on Discogs

March 22, 2013

WAVEART – 4 aprilie ora 19.00 la Control Club

waveart_posterPROGRAM | 19.00 – open doors | 20.00 – 21.00 – REFORM-1 | 21.00 – 22.00 – FJORD |22.00 – 23.00 – BRAZDA LUI NOVAC | 23.00 – 24.00 – ROEL FUNCKEN | 24.00 – PLAID | Visuals: UNDERCONSTRUCT pentru BLN și SETSUNA pentru FJORD si REFORM-1


Prețul biletului – 30lei | Biletele pot fi cumpărate de la CONTROL CLUB sau online de la: http://www.iabilet.ro/bilete-waveart-in-club-control-265 | Programul va fi respectat cu strictețe!


WAVEART își propune să aducă în fața voastră muzică electronică de cea mai bună calitate, așa cum o vedem noi! Legendele muzicii electronice Plaid vin pentru prima dată în România! Roel Funcken, Brazda lui Novac, Fjord si Reform-1 vor fi prezenți pentru a te introduce într-o lume în care primează pasiunea pentru sunet!


Suntem aici pentru ei! Alex, Maria, Malin, Bianca si incă mulți alti copii s-au născut diferiți și realitatea înconjuratoare are alt sens pentru ei decât pentru noi. Alătură-te nouă, Asociația Help Mălin, devenind susținătorul unei cauze nobile –  “Ajută un copil să înteleagă lumea noastră!”. Dă o șansă la servicii gratuite cât mai multor copii completând formularul de 2%. Convinge-ți prietenii să ți se alăture în completarea de formulare și vino împreună cu ei în 4 aprilie, ora 19.00, la Control Club pentru a depune formularele 230 și a te bucura de un concert dedicat ție! Evenimentul este organizat de Asociația Help Mălin www.helpautism.ro în parteneriat cu Control Club și Square Sound Studio. Fondurile colectate din vânzarea de bilete vor fi folosite în susținerea serviciilor gratuite pentru copiii cu autism, în cadrul Centrului Mălin de Diagnostic Precoce, Evaluare Psihologică și Intervenție Terapeutică în Autism.


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