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October 11, 2011

Binary Park “The Deviated” Out Today Oct-11! Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “The Hidden Room” * “Into the Deep” * “She’s Insane” * “The Deviated” * “Not in Love” * “Lick the Blade” * “Keep on Falling Down” * Worlds Collide (Impact Mix)” * “Into the Deep (Liquid Divine Remix)” * “Into the Deep (Architect Remix)

About Binary Park:

Binary Park is the new project of Infacted Recordings label manager Torben Schmidt, together with UK based singer Huw Jones and musician Alfred Gregl (Aqualite, Noise Control, Xylon). The sound of Binary Park is an intriguing blend of different electronic styles from darkstep to industrial and from electro to deep, noisy, ambient Glitchy, intelligent electropop. Elements of early Haujobb, Front Line AssemblyLights Of Euphoria, and Neuroactive intermingle with a sound that is compelling and sure to garner attention worldwide. With their second release to date the band offers a 10 track mini-album including seven new songs as well as a breathtaking remix of the album hit “Worlds Collide” followed by remixes from Liquid Divine and Architect! A must have for all fans of intelligent electro, deep beats and mindblowing melodies! Get infected! (source: press release)

Order Binary Park’s “Deviated” from here | Name your price (or download for free!) for Binary Park’s remix of Haujobb’s “Little World” from album “New World March – The Remixes” from here.

Binary ParkDeviated” Viva Music Album Review:

Out on Oct-11 with Metropolis Records, the new release from Binary Park is just months younger than its predecessor, “Worlds Collide”, out in March this year. Summing up the good job Binary Park were up to performing in their first album, and compiling next to new material grand remixes of the star of the album (“Into the Deep”) and of “Worlds Collide” from Liquid Divine and Architect, the new album is set out right to catch your attention, tease you, and promote an overall positive feeling of being in the process of listening to quality electro and industrial music. (more…)

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