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April 6, 2011

Levant’s “Beyond the Masque of Eden” Viva Music Album Review

In January 2011 we shared the great news of the release of LeVant’s “Beyond the Masque of Eden with Deadscarletrecords; intuiting that it is a great album and being convinced so by the album trailer (watch here). It was no surprise, then, to discover a great audio experience in the album of the self-entitled “contemporary electro-mystique music projectLeVant, and to feel proud of our Romanian roots and cultural heritage.

George D. Stanciulescu’s compositions included on “Beyond the Masque of Eden” are a fascinating voyage, one that appeals to the ear that is accustomed to darkwave and electronica, and that is redolent at moments of great composition of dark cross-genres, from Rasputina to Diary of Dreams, and from This Mortal Coil to In Strict Confidence – in a flow of sound that leaves you no alternative but to pick up and carry on the majestic and thoroughly intellectual tracks.  (more…)

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