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August 9, 2011

IAMX – “Bernadette” Single – Viva Music Review

With the release of the next song for consumption I want to talk about a person of great importance to me. A child of the infinite and a woman I will always adore. The timeless Bernadette. Curious, fragile, stubborn, beautiful, demonic. And in need of a little protection”. (Chris Corner on the release of “Bernadette; read Bernadette’s story here).


Bernadette (Radio Edit)” * “Bernadette (Radio Edit Deutsch)” * “Bernadette (Post Romanian Storm)” * “Bernadette (Headfuck Collage)” * “Bernadette (Intrumental)

Read Viva Music’s Artist of the Month July entry on IAMX in English here and in Romanian here | We at Viva Music are very happy and proud to have been quoted by IAMX’s official website on their “Bernadette” single press release!

The official release of the track on IAMX’s website on July-29:

“Hello, beautiful people,

We are proud to announce today’s release of our next promotional track from the current IAMX album “Volatile Times”. The “Bernadette” package is only available digitally through iamx.eu and includes the long awaited German version and an exclusive emotional rework by Chris. A quote from a recent article on the track:

The fact that IAMX speaks on so many levels to so many people is understandable. If the level of artistic dialogue is moved from everyday to the rough primeval and unaffiliated spiritual, words run deep and speak to crowds before they do to individuals. “Bernadette”, the second IAMX single from their critically acclaimed album, “Volatile Times”, is an example to the point, and illustrates the more personal touch of IAMX music.

The amazing video for the track, directed and edited by Berliner a nice idea every day, has been premiered on our YouTube channel along with an interesting re-edit for the German version done by Chris Corner himself. Both again available for download at our web site.“

Order the digital release of the single “Bernadettehere

IAMX – “Bernadette’ – Viva Music Review:

Bernadette” is an intriguing track, though on first listening “Volatile Times” for the first time, it is hard to say whether we at Viva Music have or not singled it out as a potential single release from IAMX. However, now that it is out, it is easy to see through the safe choice of releasing “Bernadette” as a single. Starting from the nice radio edit, which is known to everyone who has listened to “Volatile Times” before; and which strikes such a distinct chord in the albums’ body; the single release is full of artistic ruse and feeling. “Bernadette (Radio Edit Deutsch)” is as the title goes, a German language rework of the original track, which does not abstract anything from the track’s greatness, and somehow, stereotypically at least, adds the cadence of the German language to the already well-defined line of the melody. (more…)

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