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October 20, 2011

Aos Crowley – “Hexennacht”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Deconstructing Yoko in the Snow” * “Maldoror and the Delicious Tears” * “Green and Red Shimmering Metal” * “Book of Changes II (for Ai WeiWei)” * “Morven Inuit” * “Hexennacht” * “Arkheion Tongues” * “Rock Fog Rain” * “ER Pulse

Aos Crowley is one of the primary projects of composer and sound designer Matt Dean. His other projects are Chromasonic and Slo Virus. Aos Crowley, the sound necromancer, proposes an album laden with cultural references, and replete with a very eerie atmosphere in his “Hexennacht” (German for Witches’ Night or, Witches’ Gathering), released in early September with Mind Plug Records.

Hexennacht” is a really intriguing album, and one that, it goes without saying, we recommend as a curio addition to your playlists. Falling really smoothly into the safety net of promoters of ‘mystical, obscure, meditative, and noisy tunes’ aka Mind Plug Records, the musical program put up by Aos Crowley enthuses and delights with its very strong intellectual coordinates, but also with its overall genuine discernment of sound. (more…)

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