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October 7, 2011

Tanz Die Revolution 1st Year Anniversary on Oct-14

Tanz Die Revolution, the electro-gothic-industrial community of Bucharest organize their first year anniversary party on Oct-14, starting 22hrs in Indie Club (2, Inisor St.). Entrance is free.

RSVP here.

Blending 1980’s synth and future pop to harsher sounds of aggrotech and ebm score, the event will do justice to gothic music as well.   A full battery of DJ’s is going to be there for your entertainment: DJ MNDFK, DJane Malice, DJ Xenomorph and DJ Sentinel.

The Romanian-based project Violent Backpropagation will also provide a 30-min set to guide you through their most recent work and remixes.

A raffle with free enrolment will take place at 3am. Full info is available on the Facebook event page and on the official website of the community.

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