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July 27, 2012

Amphi Festival 2012: Viva Music Review, Jul-21&22, Cologne

Amphi Festival took over Cologne’s Tanzbrunnen for the 8th time! With a very clever choice of acts, and overall perfect organization, Amphi stated once more its position as one of the central events for the electro and industrial scenes. As it often happens, a sold-out event weeks before its start, Amphi Festival provided quality entertainment, very good facilities and considerable fuel for a crowd of almost two score of thousands. With early starts on both festival days, both on Saturday Jul-21 and Sunday Jul-22, the festival comforted the audience with a solid palette of both on the outdoor main stage and in the nearby Staatenhaus, as well as alternative entertainment in the Theater building. If you add to the set of concerts the wide array of stands, facilities, areas (including the famed beach zone), you could have practically spent a whole festival day just digging through bargains and taking your time in front of quite varied meals and still call it a full day. Or day and night! Because after countless concerts in the various venues of the area, DJ sets went on until the early hours of morn. But as a yearly convention of already sufficient stance, Amphi Festival meant, of course, a probe of temperature and color in today’s scene, and if audience reactions stand for anything, we’re all good, the entertainment is still varied, the ethos of the scene is still valid and vivid, people still feel the urge to dress up and make a stand, and the music sounds as good as ever.


Viva Music would like to take a minute to thank for the opportunity to be there and enjoy Amphi Festival 2012 to: the flawless clockwork organizing team, to the numberless artists and tech personnel who made concerts happen, and to the beating heart of the audience, which keeps our scene alive and kicking. And if you missed Amphi Festival this year, put these two things down on your to-do list: (1) read our act-by-act review and browse the individual photo galleries; (2) book in time your Amphi Festival 2013 experience: with tickets already on sale this coming week on Aug-01, and the first acts to be confirmed on Aug-13. Amphi Festival 2013 will take place on Jul-20 and Jul-21 in Tanzbrunnen Cologne. (more…)

June 27, 2011

Amphi Festival 2011 – The Schedule

More info available on the festival’sofficial webpage and on Facebook. | Read Viva Music’s archive of news for Amphi Festival 2011 here. | Read Viva Music’s review of Amphi Festival 2010 here: Day 1, Day 2.

The lineup and schedule for Amphi Festival 2011:

Saturday, July-16

Mainstage: 10:00hrs: doors open; 12:00hrs: [X]-RX; 12:50hrs: Staubkind; 13:50hrs: Melotron; 14:55hrs: Zeraphine; 16:10hrs: Samsas Traum; 17:25hrs: Tanzwut; 18:55hrs: Die Krupps; 20:35hrs: Deine Lakaien.

Staatenhaus: 11:30hrs: doors open; 12:30hrs: Klangstabil; 13:25hrs: mind.in.a.box; 14:20hrs: Winterkaelte; 15:20hrs: Frozen Plasma; 16:20hrs: Grendel; 17:20hrs: In Strict Confidence; 18:25hrs: Leaether Strip; 19:50hrs: Suicide Commando; 21:15hrs: Hocico; 22:45hrs: Musik Soldat (DJ Set).

Theater: 11:30hrs: doors open – Block 1; 12:45hrs: book presentation for Annie Bertram’s “Obsolete Angels”; 14:00hrs: talk C64 Pornographic art, adult only audience; 15:00hrs talk with dr. Mark Benecke; 16:05hrs: Rome; 17:30hrs: Persephone; 17:30hrs: changeover; 20:45hrs: doors open Block 2; 21:00hrs: DJ Honey (Welle:Erdball); 22:00hrs: DJ Gillian (Nachtwerk Karlsruche); 23:00hrs: DJ Alexx Botoxx (Eisenlager Oberhausen); 00:00hrs: DJ Ronan Harris (VNV Nation) & Jeanny; 01:00hrs: DJ AD3K (Analoguetrash); 02:00hrs: DJ Hive (Vampireparty); 03:00hrs: DJ AMD & DJ Surfin’William (Dark Star).

Sunday, July-17 (more…)

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