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February 10, 2012

Out Now: WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler

WTII Records, which are known to our scene not only as promoters of a very fine streak of music, but also because of the versatility of the music projects they prop up, come up with a very enivable promotion tool that we kindly invite you to get your hands on right away! Trigger 10d, Method Cell, Lowe, The Qualia, Stromkern, SMP, Am.Psych, Stiff Valentine, Klutae, Rein[Forced], The Gothsicles, Dead on TV – these are the artists compiled in this free compilation “WTII Records Spring 2012 Free Sampler“, which combines a selection of 2011’s best and 2012’s forthcoming miracles.

Read more about and download the compilation from here.

Track info listing is as follows:  Trigger 10d – “Skies Gone Dark (Wade Alin Remix)” (from “Trigger10d“)  * Method Cell – “Scissors (RPS Mix)” (from “Curse of a Modern Age“) * Lowe – “Mirage (Extended Mix)” (from “Evolver“) * The Qualia – “Guess I Lied (Mister 1234 Remix)” (from “Memorial Gore“) * Stromkern – “Intuit (Demo Version)” (from “Stromken” – to be released Mar-13) * SMP – “Cryonica (Deathproof Mix)” * Am.Psych – “Reasons” * Stiff Valentine – “Suicide Execute (Deathproof Mix)” * Klutae – “I Know It’s Sick But It’s So Much Fun (Psychopomps Remix)” (from “Electropunks Unite“) * Rein[Forced] – “Dichotomy (Demo Version)” (from “Dichotomy” – to be released Apr-03) * The Gothsicles – “Save Dat Mermaid (TBM is SRS EBM Mix by Mangadrive)” (from “Industiralites & Magic“) * Dead on TV – “F*** You, I’m Famous (Single Edit)” (from “F*** you I’m famous” – to be released on Apr-24).

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