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October 5, 2011

Soulchasm “All I Have to Give” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “So Persistent (Remastered)” * “Love Is Real (Perelandra Mix)” * “So Persistent (Cold Into The Wired Mix)” * “Love Is Real (Remastered)” * “My Facade (See Through Mix) (Remastered)” * “Call Me Back (Remastered)” * “All I Have to Give (Remastered)” * “Carry On (Remastered)” * “Call Me Back (You Make Me Mix)” * “So Persistent (Cold into The Wired Mix) Instrumental” * “Love Is Real (Perelandra Mix) Instrumental” * “Call Me Back (You Make Me Mix) Instrumental

Album orders via iTunes, “All I Have to Givehere | Singles available, “Love Is Realhere, “All I Have to Givehere.

About Soulchasm:

Soulchasm was started by Eric Dillon out of both a love of music, electronic music more specifically, and a desire long held to have a creative outlet of his own. At first, as an anonymous project working under pseudonyms such as Cklay Lee or Klay d. with no hints as to who was really behind it, the material was dark, muddy, and unrefined, yet still managed to garnish glowing and respectful reviews. After a hiatus, Eric decided to compile the “industry demo” material with some brand new, unreleased remixes, give them a nice remaster, and turn it into a proper release, called “All I Have To Give” It was independently released as a digital album on June 22, 2010. Eric is currently writing and recording material for a brand new Soulchasm album, which he hopes to have released Spring or Summer 2012, and Soulchasm is facing a rebirth of sorts again. When asked what could be expected as far as the style of the new album was concerned Eric would only comment, “Imagine if Trent Reznor had produced (Prodigy’s latest album) ‘Invaders Must Die.’ Somewhere around that.” (source: press release)

Soulchasm “All I Have to Give” Viva Music Album Review:

All I Have to Give” is a very interesting album, all the more if you consider the number of mixes and reworks of the songs included. All things considered, it is one more piece of evidence in the heated debate over what creativity and passion can amount to, in today’s technologically evolved scene. And it single-handedly tilts the balance in favor of saying, a lot. Creativity and passion can still work wonders, and here’s one album to prove that. With its great musical scoop, the album succeeds in being convincing, fresh, and a thoroughly good listen.  (more…)

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