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December 8, 2011

Aesthetic Perfection “All Beauty Destroyed” – Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “A Nice Place to Visit” * “The Devil’s in the Details” * “The 11th Hour” * “Hit the Streets” * “One and Only” * “Inhuman” * “Celebrity Sin” * “Filthy Design” * “Motherf***er” * “Under Your Skin” * “The Little Death” * “All Beauty Destroyed

Aesthetic Perfection – “All Beauty Destroyed” Viva Music Album Review:

The third and most recent Aesthetic Perfection album, was released in November with Out of Line and Metropolis Records and it all looks very good! With various formats released simultaneously (including two-disc and special editions), and hailed by two earlier single releases (late 2010/early 2011 “The Devil’s in the Details” and late 2011 “Inhuman”), the album is a complete and very fulfilling experience for the listener, which, is not unusual for an Aesthetic Perfection album.

There are several character traits of “All Beauty Destroyed” that need to be taken into account when addressing the question of just how good it is. Namely, one cannot talk about the new album without resorting to superlatives, but these superlatives are taken from the verbal realm of domination, aggression, violence, and protest. This is to say, there is not a song that speaks sweet, but brandishes instead the sword of a conqueror. Without false pretense, and without trying to pose nice where this will be superfluous and ridiculous to some extent, the album is an honest and animated appeal to embrace a new aesthetic perfection, that of all beauty destroyed. (more…)

October 10, 2011

Aesthetic Perfection release “All Beauty Destroyed” on Nov-02. Before, “Inhuman” (single) on Oct-20!

All Beauty Destroyed” is the name of the third album from Aesthetic Perfection. It will be released both as a standard disc and a special limited edition with a second disc including various remixes from X-RX, Alter Der Ruine and Hocico). It will be available in Europe from Out of Line starting Nov-04 and in the US from Metropolis starting Nov-08. Preceded by two single releases, one of which can be listened to and downloaded for free from the band’s Facebook page here (tab: Free single), (“The Devil’s in the Details”), as well as their forthcoming release, the appetizing album teaser to be released on Oct-20 with Out of Line (“Inhuman”).

Advance orders of the latter can be placed at the store located on Aesthetic Perfection’s site, but will also be available in digital outlets from both Out of Line and Metropolis. Meanwhile, you can stream the track from the band’s Facebook page here (tab: Band page). And if you thought the names of remix acts dropped in the album tracklist preview were great, what can you say when you hear that “Inhuman” is remixed by Combichrist, Imperative Reaction or iVardensphere? Check it out, don’t miss such a great opportunity to become familiar with a great album.

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