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September 26, 2011

Autodafeh – “Act of Faith”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Heaven Screams” * “Killer” * “Land of Nothing” * “Reality Shock” * “Make Us Believe” * “Watch Out” * “Treasure Hunt” * “Wheel of Faith” * “Promises” * “Camp Intel” * “Fuel of Fire (2011)” * “Divided We Fall (2011)

Other Autodafeh news on darkwave.ro: Autodafeh to Release “Act of Faith” on September-16!

About Autodafeh:

Autodafeh are: Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, Anders Olsson.  The ADF project started in the middle of November 2007, the two lads Rossi and Jesper, friends since childhood, decided to launch a new EBM campaign. They both had been growing up with lots of electronic music in their body and mind. Since November, lots of hard work and lots of sweat has been taken the band where they are today. Hard pumping, aggressive tracks have been constructed, in order to have loads of material to show both listeners and record companies. The third member in the band is Anders, an important person that makes it complete. He too has EBM pulse floating in his veins. (source: band bio)

Autodafeh – “Act of Faith: Viva Music Review:

With their third album, “Act of Faith” released on Sep-16 with Scanner Records (Europe) and Sigsaly Transmissions, Autodafeh prove listening to their music is worthwhile and the progress musicians can make in the shortest of whiles – it’s not unusual for bands who are in their prime to release their third album in their third full year of existence, but it’s only more rarely the case that it also means something. And “Act of Faith” stands out as a very fresh and easily approachable new material this fall. With the year closing soon, it is not risky to claim that it also is one of our favorite materials this year! So the recommendation to buy and listen to the album is inherent to this review. (more…)

August 10, 2011

Autodafeh to Release “Act of Faith” on September-16!

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Tracklist: “Heaven Screams” * “Killer” * “Land of Nothing” * “Reality Shock” * “Make Us Believe” * “Watch Out” * “Treasure Hunt” * “Wheel of Faith” * “Promises” * “Camp Intel” * “Fuel of Fire” * “Divided We Fall

About Autodafeh:

Home based in Sweden, Autodafeh is a trio consisting of Mika Rossi, Jesper Nilsson, and Anders Olsson. After their debut album and EP releases found massive success in the European underground charts, the band have been traveling performing live for the ever growing fan base. They have gone from being the supporting act for inspirational artists such as Front 242, to now being themselves the headliner act.

About Autodafeh – “Act of Faith” – new album out September-16 on Scanner Records:

Autodafeh return with their third full length album, “Act of Faith”. This twelve track album offers an even more mature and unique identity to the band, while still retaining the EBM roots but still screams out, “We are not the past, we are the future!(more…)

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