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August 28, 2012

Nova-Spes “Leben ist Krieg”: Viva Music Album Review

Tracklist: “Fire” * “Leben ist Krieg” * “I Want…” * “Nach vorn” * “Burnout” * “Always Death” * “Perfect Days” * “Machines in Front” * “Hide Our Malice” * “F.. Shit” * “On the Way to…” * ‘… Genocide” * “Wir stehlen euch die Zeit

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About Nova-Spes: “Leben ist Krieg:

By now we are living in a world seems fairly inhospitable to us. We aren´t just guests in it, today we all are warriors. We are fighting every day. Not for surviving like it was at the beginning of human history, perhaps. No, today we are fighting for the method of living.” (Matthias Huebner, 2012)

Out on Sep-07 with Danse Macabre, the new album from Nova-Spes is not, according to the label statement, a concept album, although the texts of the song go along the lines of a largely similar topic – the side effects of gauche survival attempts in face of stress, burnout, and attempts to cope with life as it is, even if this means perverted effects and ways, among which, quotes the statement, we could mention the use of psychotropic drugs by students who wish to achieve higher marks and 5 year old girls who enter beauty pageants to make their parents proud. In a world that is constantly changing the pace and the rules, we have to fight to have it our way, and this is how the notion of survival while living comes in – and that makes life a constant war, or, as the German title of the album goes, “Leben ist Krieg”. (more…)

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