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September 12, 2011

Autumn Ball in Hannover Canceled, Berlin and Dortmund Carry the Flag

Due to poor reception, Hannover’s Autumn Ball scheduled for Oct-02 is canceled. Therefore, the calendar date for Letzte Instanz, Zeraphine, Corvux Corax and Staubkind in Hannover’s Capitol is canceled. Ticket holders can opt for the Berlin or Dortmund days of the Autumn Ball, or alternatively return to the point of sale of their tickets for refunds, inform festival organizers.

Autumn Ball continues however with two out of the three dates initially planned, as Dortmund’s FZW takes up the autumn feel with Letzte Instanz, Tanzwut, Coppelius and Staubkind on Sep-30, while Berlin’s Huxley’s Neue Welt delights their audience with the same lineup – the perfect choice for fans of gothic, medieval and folk-rock.

Tickets for each of the two evenings are still available at Eur 26,- plus booking fee at the online shops of Protain and Amphi Festival, as well as via Eventim ticket counters and website. More information is made available regularly on the festival’s website and their Facebook page.

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