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February 16, 2012

At Industrial Booom – Reboot Festival You Can Team Up and Enjoy a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Blackhead Agency is happy to present attendees and potential attendees of Industrial Booom who have not yet made up their mind to come and enjoy the 3-day frenzy of their Budapest festival a once in a lifetime opportunity: to be part of the event, not only as audience, but also team up and gain access backstage for 3 days, to meet and greet their favorite artists and spend the festival time in a unique atmosphere. All is possible due to the recently added option of a VIP ticket (priced at 30,000 HUF/100 EUR) which will instantly make you the star of the event. With a VIP ticket, you’re not only a guest with full rights, but also a host! What’s more, your name will be aired before the shows, in the list of friends of Industrial Booom Reboot Festival who chose to help an ideal festival lineup stay up and running.

Due to recent upsetting news of Malev breakdown, alternative flights had to be found for the fifteen acts which will spray dark paint over Budapest for three days. This affects the initial budget of the festival and the hopes of open-minded and hard-working organizers to keep the faith, but the festival must go on and this is where you can help.

Just a reminder, here are the festival details and awesome lineup that are in store for visitors of Industrial Booom 2012 in Budapest.


Black Head Agency presents Industrial Booom – ReBoot Festival between April 27 and 29: three days with a great lineup in Budapest’s Barba Negra Music Club (Prielle Kornélia u. 4.). It’s not the first time the festival happens, last year’s edition was one we are sorry to have missed: still in late April, acts such as Vomito Negro, Suicide Commando, Blitzmaschine, or The Klinik provided during the 3-day festival sufficient entertainment for the dark crowd.

This year, the festival lineup includes a lot more acts, and in addition, their names together spell the lineup of a reputed festival. Although not complete to date (negotiations with Blutengel and Plasma Pool, as well as a DJ set by Covenant’s Eskil are also under the organizers’ scrutiny), the lineup includes:

Day One, April 27 – “Mechanix Day”: Project Pitchfork, The Neon Judgment, Haujobb, 32 Crash + surprise band

Day Two, April 28 – “Electronic Body Day”: Escalator, Absolute Body Control, Klutae, Spetsnaz, Front 242

Day Three, April 29 – “Dark Side Day”: Sonar, Clan of Xymox, Diary of Dreams, In Strict Confidence, Dance or Die


Regular and VIP festival tickets are available on the agency site (http://www.black-head.eu/) as well as on the venue site (http://music-club.barbanegra.hu).

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