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October 17, 2011

Cause and Effect – “Happiness?”: Viva Music Album Review

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Trackist: “Happiness Is Alien – Ecotek & James Egbert Club Mix” * “Happiness Is Alien – Opencloud Remix” * “Happy? – Jeff T Club Mix” * “Happy – Jeff Barringer Club Mix” * “Buried – Bonus Track

Cause and Effect – “Happiness?” – Viva Music Album Review:

Cause and Effect are Rob Rowe and Keith Milo. With a rich past and a richer present, very relevant for today’s scene, they keep in touch constantly with their fanbase of 20 years, and have in late Sep-11, released with Liquefaction their new EP “Happiness?”. The question mark in the title is relevant because happiness is beside the point, like a mirage or a known ghost, but not a reality per se. With the exception of the two core tracks of the compilation, namely “Happiness Is Alien” and “Happy?”, a bonus track called “Buried” is provided, which really adds value to the tempo of the album. With “Happiness Is Alien”, which can be equally read like an outer space denizen or something that is exterior, not pertaining to the individual, the good vibes are in, however questionable the notion of happiness, in itself, is. Erupting forth like a miniature volcano set by time itself in one’s heart, in both versions, “Happiness Is Alien” beckons you closer and sends you away at the same time, in varied movements of self-abandonment. Not unlike “Happiness Is Alien”, the second star of the EP is “Happy?”. Lighter in approach, but with a sound vein of nonchalant teasing, “Happy?” sets out to cleave the universe between the ones who are always happy and the one/s who do/es not cope with happiness in the same easy-going manner. Not judging either perspective on life, the track is a dance asset and a really good tune. The two tracks of the EP in their dual versions are complemented by the bonus track “Buried”. The latter sounds a bit intriguing in the complex of the EP, since even if the same Cause and Effect trademark is felt, it is a fresher, and more distinct track. We are looking forward to new material from Cause and Effect, since their presence in our playlists always brings a superior atmosphere and a decent amount of musicality. Enjoy!

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