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September 12, 2011

Klangstabil – the Exclusive Viva Music Interview!

Meeting Boris May in person is like taking a deeper look into a mirror and seeing exactly what you want to see. Add to that 3 Klangstabil live concerts – at Nordstern Festival, Amphi Festival and at Nocturnal Culture Night! Klangstabil can rock your world easily if you are attending their concert well prepared to play along and match the energy and subliminal messages on stage. And yes, Klangstabil sounds very different live compared to their CD’s. The quiet, polite, sensitive and intelligent persons you meet in real life become “wild children of any revolution” on stage. And somehow the 2 personalities blend together perfectly. Boris May and Maurizio Blanco are fighting for a better world, starting with themselves. Add to that the fact that not only their personalities are complementary, but even their names stand as symbols of a perfect duality: B. M. and M. B.

The answer to the question: “Is this world perfectible or we should better just live in our own world where everything supports my inner peace” may find an answer today. Enjoy this great interview!



VIVA MUSIC: It is always a pleasure to meet polyglot artists. You sing in German, English and Italian. Still, the feeling one gets while watching you on stage is that the language itself as means of communication is irrelevant. We felt we could understand the language of anger and emotion even when you were playing in German (a language we don’t speak)…

KLANGSTABIL: Our music conveys emotions without filtering them, so you can easily comprehend them. Voice serves as an additional instrument, and we choose language according to its phonetic properties. Italian, for instance, is a very powerful language that can be experienced in a very passionate way. Within only one verse it can switch from inner turmoil to highest happiness and, by doing so, capture the audience.

VIVA MUSIC: Your albums are much quieter than your live performances. What demons do you unleash on stage? Where do you travel to when you are on stage?

KLANGSTABIL: On stage, we have the freedom to do as we choose and do what we want. We are very grateful to have access to this kind of release. Whenever we have the opportunity to stand in front of an audience and use a PA with thousands of Watts then we use that to talk to the audience about things that we deliberate on.

VIVA MUSIC: What is it that drives you to compose music? What are your sources your inspiration?

BORIS MAY (B. M.): Reflection. Self-observation. What am I doing here, and how do I fit into this world? I try to further my understanding of this world.

MAURIZIO BLANCO (M. B.): I tend to be inspired by film sequences, computer games, and new, yet unknown music instruments. It’s always fascinated me to watch a film, turn off the sound, and play my own music as soundtrack.

VIVA MUSIC: Please name one philosophical concept you play with.

KLANGSTABILWe inquire. Why are things the way they are? Is it possible to see things differently? Why am I not supposed to cross the road when the traffic light is red? Which view is the correct one?

We’re always searching for origins, how did things develop? Could there have been another path of development? As artists, we try to create new things and see how they develop. Do they die? Is there a reason for their existence? Can I recognize myself within them? Is this I?

In our upcoming album, we reflect on our gesture as artists. This doesn’t imply radical thought or completely new ideas. The intent is to create a realm of thought in which orientation is possible, if so desired. It complements the human condition during its genesis and development from a being to a person.

VIVA MUSIC: Please define “Math and Emotion” in 5 words.

B. M.: life means fight and dance

M. B.: Greed, war, ratio, rules, and love.

VIVA MUSIC: In your songs you talk a lot about general social issues and change. Can you explain a little bit?

B. M.: We tend to feel that greed, stupidity, war, abuse will always exist. There will always be people in this world whom you don’t actually want to share this plane of existence with. However, it’s pointless to try to attack them within a song. We tend to concentrate on our surroundings. Friendship is one of the pillars that Klangstabil rests on. I’m very happy to have friendships that extend all across the globe (even before the Facebook age). I’m convinced that if everyone would simply focus on their surroundings, their social environment, and friendships, there would be no global wars or crises. It’s everyone’s personal responsibility to do something, to communicate, and to create connections, and by doing so, feel some form of responsibility for their fellow humans.

VIVA MUSIC: So far you have remixed Project Pitchfork, Diorama, [:SITD:], Painbastard, etc. How do you see the remixing activity in the future?

KLANGSTABIL: At the moment, we prefer to focus on the upcoming album, and then WE will let others do the remixes! Of course, we’ll continue to do remixes in the future. It’s always a great opportunity to gain insight into the creative process of fellow artists.

VIVA MUSIC: Boris, you directed the video for “Dead Market” by Haujobb. Any chance we’ll see more collaborations of this kind in the future?

B. M.: Right now, two further videos are in the planning stages for bands that will remain secret for now. I definitely want to further expand my activity in video production in the future. It may be quite a lot of work, but that is offset by the huge amounts of fun that it generates.

VIVA MUSIC: Maurizio, your “Perdere per vincere” moment is one of the highlights of every Klangstabil performance. Where do your eloquence and force come from?

M. B.: I simply sing it. My personal impulsiveness and aggression simply run their course. My personal friendship with Boris also gives me a degree of strength and confidence that permits me to be simply the way I am. To sing the way I want to.

VIVA MUSIC: There are a lot of intense vibes during this interview. Are you planning on opening more gates to yourselves and the world on your new album? Oh, sorry, jumping to conclusions. Do you have plans for a new album?

KLANGSTABIL: The next album is planned for 2012. Like our prior albums, it will be a concept album.

Thank you for your time and sincerity.

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