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June 16, 2011

The Search – “The Silverslut 2000 – 2002” Out June-28


I Saw the Light” * “Icewoman” * “Let Me See Your Arms Stretch out” * “Come Lie next to Me” * “Underwater Cheek to Cheek” * “Night Friends” * “A Young Open Wound” * “Juno” * “The Search for a Meaningful Existence” * “Squeeze Me like a Snake” * “Natasja Scotch” * “Quash” * “Badass Sally” * “Them Panties” * “Dick Fire” * “Travolta” * “Me and Ritva and Some Cheap  Scotch” * “Boken” * “Do You Wanna Go out?” * “Steel Wall Baby” * “A Midnight Date” * “Chloe” * “Sunset Park” * “Surrogat” * “What the Fuck” * “Razmigs nya” * “Min bottenvaning” * “Blend” * “Bizmylla jive” * “Press My Hand” * “Barbara” * “My Kiss Cucumber” * “Margaret” * “Infection” * “Autofellatio


It’s been pretty silent about the Swedish Indie-Rocker from THE SEARCH for a long time. After their successful album “Saturnine Songs” in 2008, first gigs in Germany and some changes in the band’s line-up now the nice guys of tranquil Uppsala come up with a 6-CD-download-compilation “The Silverslut 2000-2002“.

From 2000 until 2002 THE SEARCH, formerly known as SILVERSLUT, recorded 6 EPs and autonomously published them in small numbers. The first two EPs “The Silverslut” (2000) and “Arctic Cold Days” (2000) actually contain some songs sung in Swedish. Both EPs radiate the charm of early recordings, which reveal the band’s first steps with charming naivety.

The third EP “Friday Saturday” from the same year already gave a hint what enormous progress the band has made within short time. This EP was a very consistent one and kept a golden thread. With “Travoltol” (2001) the band succeeded in holding their stride and so the entire EP evolves around nothing but sex.

On “Dancing in the Winter Sky” (2002) the guys radically broke with the mould of their previous sound and created all songs on the bass guitar. In this way their sounds became less organic but the beats got more rhythmical. Even with their last EP under the name SILVERSLUT – “Cosmetic Rock” (2002) – the band stayed true to these principles.

Although the band renamed itself THE SEARCH in 2003, those 6 EPs always were regarded as the first releases of the band and were available as free downloads from last.fm only for a long time. Since this compilation contains some of the bands classic favorites – such as “Quash“, a song about love, horniness, despair and cowardness, “Juno“, a very great song named after Tina’s (the keyboarder at that time) synthesizer, “Me And Ritva And Some Cheap Scotch” or “Chloë” – mastermind Razmig decided to release the entire collection as an official download-compilation in order to bridge the gap until autumn, when THE SEARCH’s new album will be released.

The download of the 6-EP-compilation is going to be available starting 28th of June 2011 on all known download-stores and on afmusic.

THE SEARCH – Official Website | on Facebook


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