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June 1, 2011

Amphi Festival 2011 – The Latest!

Only a few weeks are left, until the 7th Amphi Festival starts off again. On 16th & 17th July 2011 the Orkus Open Air at Tanzbrunnen Cologne serves perfect enjoyment for musicfans worldwide to answer the all-known question: „Warum ist es am Rhein so schön?“ (Why is it so beautiful at the Rhein area?). In order not to be taken by surprise, anyone without a ticket should hurry-up now, as tickets for the festival will be sold-out very soon!

Advance booking contingents running short, secure remaining tickets now!

While tickets for the Amphi Camp are already gone for weeks, tickets for the Amphi Festival 2011 are getting short now as well! The pre order contingents are almost exhausted. According to experiences of the previous years there is only little time left until the remaining advance booking tickets are ultimately sold out. While stock lasts original Amphi Festival tickets are still available on our shop at http://www.amphi-festival.de/tickets.

New!!! – Café hall at the Staatenhaus, including art gallery, merchants & more

Shortly before the festival we are able to announce another firecracker, boosting the overall festival experience! Like every year we´ve worked intensively on improving the Amphi Festival. Located at a sidewing of the Staatenhaus, we´re pleased to provide you with a full grown AMPHI FESTIVAL CAFÉ.

Alongsinde the well-known beachclub the Amphi Festival Café is planned to offer another big chill-out-zone with more than 700 seats, tables and additional gastronomic specialties. Also the café hall will be tied together by moody lighting and the Obsolete Angels art gallery, where famous photoartist ANNIE BERTRAM is going to present a collection of her most fascinating works.

As another attraction we expanded the merchant gallery, vitalizing  the café setting the Staatenhaus with lots of interesting additional stands. Also new: the signings sessions, formerly located at the entrance of the Tanzbrunnen, have moved near the café-area inside the Staatenhaus.

MELOTRON completing the Amphi Festival 2011

There´s hardly another German speaking band within the last years, that created such an own unique profile like MELOTRON. From Moscow to Washington, Buenos Aires to Kabul or Tel Aviv… MELOTRON are the most exciting export-hits within the field of German written electro-pop and an undisputable capacity within the electro scene worldwide. It is our pleasure to complete the current Amphi Festival programme with MELOTRON and their singer AndyK, who already took part in the first festival, being our host in 2005. Now in 2011 he is playing with his band on the Amphi stage for the very first time!

MUSIK SOLDAT – Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) moving to the Staatenhaus

Music pioneer – visionary – book author: as a former member and drummer of the world famous German band Kraftwerk from 1974 till 1986, Wolfgang Flür surely dwells among the most important personalities in German music history. At the Amphi Festival we welcome Wolfgang Flür with his DJ project MUSIK SOLDAT. As a reaction to the positive feedback we received, Wolfgang Flür will not kick off Saturday´s aftershowparty at the theatre, but perform a “Saturday night late special” at the Staatenhaus, serving an extra portion “Elektroknirsch!”.

Fascinating photographies and juicy pixels at the Theater

Even the programme for our third stage, at the Theater am Tanzbrunnen, has now been completed. Beside photo-artist ANNIE BERTRAM, presenting her latest book „Obsolete Angels“, H.O.N.E.Y. (Welle: Erdball) and Milo Mundt (Protovision) are planning to hold a frivolous interactive talk about C64 PORNOGRAPHIC-ART (admittance: P18).

Official Amphi Pre- Party on 15.07. – book your ticket now!

Back in 2010 the official Amphi Festival Pre-Party at Alter Wartesaal Cologne has been sold out, so that some visitors had to leave without partying. That´s why our colleagues of the Memphis-Team set up an online ticket order for this year´s edition of the pre-party. As usual attendants with Amphi Festival ticket pay 4,00 €, attendants without Amphi Festival ticket pay 8,00 €. For further information and ticket order please visit: http://www.wartesaal.de/09/events.php?eid=1246

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