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May 19, 2011

VoA VoXyD from Ad Inferna – the Exclusive Viva Music Interview

We have often spoken, and written about Ad Inferna (as witnessed by the links below). But what we enjoy most, is to listen to Ad Inferna (and we do our share of listening, steadily and thoroughly). Ad Inferna’s VoA VoXyD was so kind to answer our questions for an exclusive interview: the lighter note on which questions flung forth and answers ricocheted back should not fool you though: Ad Inferna means serious business!

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How many times a day do you eat? And what?

VoA: Well… I am not really fanatic about hours and plans, so, it really depends on the day of days… And about my food, humans of course (especially their liver, lol).

How many hours do you sleep per week on average?

VoA: There again, it depends on the day, but I am not really a big sleeper, as I am usually very skeptic about my mood on waking up. But, let’s say something like 4/5 hours per night.

Do you party? Where?

VoA: Nope, not anymore, I don’t like people around me and their proximity.

How do you spend your free time?

VoA:  I don’t know the meaning of the words “free time”, not for several years… but except work and making music, I spend my time thinking, worrying, thinking, worrying etc.

What music did you grow up with?

VoA:  No doubt: A-ha, Depeche Mode were my first favorites, I remember I was trying to look like Morten Harket when I was 10 or 11 years old. (Strange enough, I don’t remember myself trying to look like Martin Gore…) and then, it was Guns n’ Roses for a long period, I was a really big fan of Slash, and then I had my guitar hero years with Yngwie Malmsteen. But A-ha was definitely the band i grew up with.

Have you ever been a groupie? Of what band?

VoA:  Not a real groupie, but a silent fanatic of Gn’R, and by the way, I started to play guitar with Slash, so thank you, Man!

How do you deal with stalkers? No connection with the question above lol.

VoA:  Do stalkers still exist nowadays?? Do you want to stalk me afterward? lol

What do you feel when you listen to the music you like?

VoA:  The same feeling when I took my first steps in music… Music makes you sad, happy, unhappy, mad, a lover, and may very well impact your entire day if it is done right.

What is your social status now? Any spicy comments on that?

VoA:  Your interview would be much better if we were in a bar sipping both a small jack, don’t you think so? It could be so full of spicy comments I guess… What about my idea?

Do you like performing live?

VoA:  Yes, and no… Yes if we talk about when Ad Inferna was a black metal band, but not now when we play electronic music. I love composing EBM, but the D-day when we will perform live will also be the day when we find a way to get to re-transcribe accurately all the emotions and all the strength that we tried to put in DSM and TINC. And a 2-man line-up will not be sufficient for that …

What is your opinion on Vinyl, CD’s, cassettes, etc vs digital downloads?

VoA:  Digital downloads are just an alternative that only a few people appreciate, I guess… but it is a solution if you want to disseminate your music, rather than disseminating it for free…. but I do not like it. CDs are still the best way to get extreme quality.

What would you do if you could be God for a day?

VoA:  I will come in Romania and I will raise back Dracula for a drink with him. After, on a more serious note, there are too many things to do, but initially, I’d sort all these rotten people around us…

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